WePlay! is an American online community which has recently entered the world of Esports. They have organized many tournaments for Dota 2 players. WePlay! have revealed that they will hold a tournament for the Dota Underlords community. The event is officially titled Dota Underlords Open and sets to begin on August 1.

Weplay Dota Underlords Open
Dota Underlords Open - The competitive event for Dota Underlords

Open qualifiers

Qualification rounds start from July 27-28. While there will be two different groups, North American and European, WePlay! states that everyone can participate in this event.

Underlords Open will play out in the form of a round-robin tournament.  Only the 16 best players from the qualification rounds will attend the official tournament. Instead of advancing to the next round or being eliminated, participants will get points based on their place in each match during the series.

Only top 16 from qualifiers will be at the Dota Underlords Open

The prize pool of Underlords Open is at $15,000. Four participants with the highest points will share this prize, with the champion of the tournament claiming the lion's share of $8,000.

The whole competition will be live-streamed on the official Twitch channel of WePlay!

New area

Dota Underlords, or other autobattler titles, resembles the concept of a tournament on a smaller scale. In each match of the game, the players' top priority is not getting eliminated. Because of that, Dota Underlords and its tournaments should be well-suited for each other.

Dota Underlords
The game already has competitive gameplay.

In fact, the eSports community is undoubtedly willing to see more competitions like Underlords Open. Recently, the well-known streamer Pokimane has revealed that a streamer tournament for TeamFight Tactics is underway. Even Twitch cannot help involving itself in the market. The streaming platform added Teamfight Tactics to their TwitchRivals series just a few days ago. Looks like the autobattler tournaments will shortly become a trend amongst the gaming community.

Fans should be familiar with League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota 2 competitions held by WePlay!. But this is the first time the organization is responsible for an autobattler event. As the genre is only at its early stage, the upcoming Underlords Open will probably set a pattern for similar tournaments in the future.

Details for Underlords Open are yet to come out. Stick to our site for the latest announcements.