The newest game by Valve – Dota Underlords – will be having its first battle pass really soon. Valve itself has announced that this battle pass will be online about next week. This first battle pass for Dota Underlords will be called “Proto-Battle Pass”, and Valve has a lot of hope for this in-game progressive system.

Underlords Battlepass
The first battle pass of the game is really close

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Dota Underlords

Dota Underlords is still really young and new, less than one month old, so the price for this battle pass is expected to be inexpensive, even for free. In the official website of Dota Underlords, Valve said that this Proto-Battle Pass of the game “will introduce progression, cosmetics, custom boards, and a host of other new features” to the title. Moreover, Valve does promise that there will be some new “experimental features” for you to try out next week too.

Underlords 2
Dota Underlords

Coming out of nowhere at the beginning of this year, the “auto battler” or “auto chess” game genre was born and gladly accepted by the gaming community. Starting with Dota Auto Chess by Drodo Studio as a mod for Dota 2, the “auto chess” game genre has grown so quickly with so many online and offline tournaments for it that now both Dota 2 and League of Legends – the 2 biggest MOBA titles in the world – have both developed their own “auto chess” game for their titles.

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Teamfight Tactics is the name of League of Legends' auto chess game

Hopefully with this quick movement, and Valve’s experience in the battle pass section (League of Legends does not have many battle passes before), Dota Underlords will be more successful that it is now.