In a New Year tweet, creator of the Dragon Quest franchise, Yuji Horii, just confirmed that the next Dragon Quest game, XII, has been in development for over a year. The series has been selling pretty well, with Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age available on multiple systems. In just two years, 5.5 million copies have been distributed worldwide. The game has even been ported into the Switch a few months ago, with about three hundred thousand copies sold in Japan alone.

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The full roster of your party in Dragon Quest XI

According to Horii, it is very likely that the game would be released within the first years of the next console generation, as releasing a game now would definitely not as profitable. Furthermore, he also confirmed a Western localization release, along with a PC release in the future. Square Enix has been rather lax about enforcing PS4 exclusives as of late, with many of their games coming to other systems and even PC. The prerequisite for localization is that the game has to sell over a certain threshold – which we are sure that Dragon Quest XI has already exceeded.

Dragon Quest 11 Main Dude Feature
The characters look exactly like something that came out of the Dragon Balls series, with the protagonist being a split image of android 17.

Dragon Quest XI is a traditional JRPG, with the usual party and adventure systems, similar to previous games in the series. Explore the world of Erdrea that was beautifully rendered in the distinctive cel-shaded art style, in the shoes of the characters designed by Dragon Balls creator, Akira Toriyama. The best feature that this game has is the sheer amount of content that you can explore, battle and defeat.

Dragon Quest 11 Best Party Builds
The series is actually criticized for playing too safe on the original JRPG formula. It definitely could use some further twists.

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