A new genre?

Dota Auto Chess by Drodo Studio is the definition of a new genre (still unnamed) in the gaming industry. The game begins its journey as a custom mode in Dota 2 client, quickly becomes one of the most popular titles in the world. With almost 9 millions of players, some big organizations have shown their interest in this potential market.

Auto Chess' popularity is still rising.

Drodo Studio was the first to make their own mobile version, a mile ahead of Valve and Riot. The two gainst only introduced their own adaptation of Dota Auto Chess recently this month.

PC version

The PC version developed by Drodo is exclusive for Epic Game Store. There is no specific launch date for that game, but on June 21, 2019, the studio is once again the first one to announce a one-million-dollar competition for Auto Chess.

ImbaTV and Dragonest Networks (mobile game publisher of Drodo) are responsible for this upcoming tournament named Auto Chess Invitational. They announce the date for the event will be in October, and the location is in Shanghai, China. Despite some implications that PC version will be used in the tournament, we've seen only the mobile game published by Drodo.

Autochess Invitational
The tournament will take place in Shanghai, China this October.

Being planned as an invitation-only competition, this event still has some open slots for the qualified contestants. According to announcements, players around the world can register for the regional qualifiers which will begin in "early August". That's all we have known so far.

What can we expect

With the huge popularity of Auto Chess, this upcoming event is very likely to be successful. However, players seem not to satisfy with the graphic design of its mobile version. Without Dota 2's models, Auto Chess Mobile didn't receive enough positive review as expected. Let's see if Drodo Studio could make it right with the PC version. More details are about to come.

So if you're serious with your professional career as an Auto Chess player, why don't you take your chance and begin your training section right now? A one-million-dollar prize is waiting for you all at the Auto Chess Invitational.