Dungeon of the Endless is another title of Playdigious's effort to extend its branches to other platforms. First came out for PC nearly five years ago, the game is now making its way to PS4 and Switch very soon!

If you haven't heard of this name yet, let's watch this announcement trailer with us:

"Looks great, play better!"

That's the words that USgamer has spent to describe this game. In fact, through the trailer, you can see that Dungeon of the Endless has received many more compliments from a variety of media outlets.

What's so special about this game? Well, let's start finding out through the game's story! Dungeon of the Endless tells the story of a group of people that were accused guilty. As a result, the crew of several hundred has to get to the prison system on another planet called the Auriga.

Dungeon Of The Endless For Consoles Announced 6
The ship containing hundreds of prisoners is heading to planet Auriga

All they've heard about this exotic planet is that it used to be the settling destination of the galaxy-exploring crew called the Endless. In fact, it still has water, an area with livable temperature, a vegetal ecosystem and a lot of metals lying underground.

However, above all, the planet still has a well-functioning defensive system that lies undercover. Without the knowledge of the system, the spaceship ended up being shot down. Luckily, with the help of the mini holding cells, the crew members still managed to land Auriga alive.

Dungeon Of The Endless For Consoles Announced 4
Luckily, with the Escape Pod, the crew still make it to the planet

They're safe for now until somehow ones find that there's a form of the facility of the Endless. The facility goes really deep under the ground, to the extent that it can be called a dungeon!

The prisoners and the guards now have a new objective: head deeper under the ground, discover this facility, and make it their own shelter!

About its gameplay

According to the developer, Dungeon of the Endless is a "roguelike dungeon-defense game". If that's too hard to understand, you can just acknowledge the game as the mixture of tower-defense and dungeon-crawler.

To be more specific, you'll have to defend the generator of your broken ship while further exploring the Endless facility. That sounds quite easy, but hordes of monsters and unexpected events will make your objective impossible to fulfill with only one person.

Dungeon Of The Endless For Consoles Announced 1
Protect your ship against waves of enemies

Fortunately, your crew consists of many heroes (and psychics) that you can use to form a team. They can become even more helpful when you give them more equipment and help them learn new powerful abilities. However, you must keep the balance between the former prisoners and the guards to avoid possible conflicts.

Dungeon Of The Endless For Consoles Announced 2
Invite more heroes to your exploration crew

The crew will help you further explore the 'Endless' facility (literally), and gather some resources. These loots will help you stay alive and build both micro and huge modules to defend your land against hordes of monsters. Furthermore, as you make progress further in the dungeon, you can gain some clue about the Endless technologies. It'll take time to decode that information, but if successful, it's a life-saving knowledge for you.

Dungeon Of The Endless For Consoles Announced 5
Build modules to help you defend your land

And after all, it's called a dungeon-defense game for a reason. After successfully deploy your crew and modules, it's time to welcome the monsters. As soon as you open the door, waves of monsters and even some extreme events will come in. If you can stand your ground after those invasions, you will unlock a new ground for more people to settle. But if you failed, well, we all know the answer.

Dungeon Of The Endless For Consoles Announced 3
The more floors you clear, the more space for you to live

Your final aim is to discover the truth about Auriga, so there's no short cut other than shooting and exploring. Good luck with that!

Release date of Dungeon of the Endless

Playdigious has announced that Dungeon of the Endless will release "soon". That's the only thing we have about the official release date of the game so far.

However, as the game has already made its debut on PC, we can expect that the developer doesn't need too long to port this on consoles!