Lately, Electronics Arts has announced its collaboration with Steve Aoki for the Need For Speed: No Limits mobile game. This free-to-play game updated on May 28 that Steve Aoki would join an in-game event to appear as a character. Aoki will challenge game players to carry out a series of game events to get the exclusive car body kit called “Neon Future” for the Nissan 240ZG.

Aoki’s Neon Future III Remix songs will be played during the races.

Neon Future was a joint effort between the game development team, the Impact Theory creative team and Steve Aoki himself. The design was said to have a cyberpunk and futuristic look. This collaboration marked the first time for the Need for Speed to have a celebrity work with its development team and design a car model.

“Neon Future to me is the melding of humanity with technology,” Aoki said. “It’s about convergence and bringing these two things together to create an advanced species that knows no limits. This future is something I portray in everything I do from my music to the comic book to the clothes I design, and what makes this collaboration with EA so awesome is we got to combine all these different things together to really expand the Neon Future universe even further.”

Need For Speed: No Limits
Need For Speed: No Limits

For those who download the game during this event, enjoy the behind the scenes videos showing all details about this partnership. The car body kit will feature noticeably in the 6th issue of the series.

“There is no one more at the center of pop culture, music, and fashion, who is able to successfully fuse these different mediums together in a really compelling way,” says Benjamin Dawe, marketing manager of EA Firemonkeys Studio, in a statement. “Musically, Steve Aoki integrates all of these elements in a way no other artist does. We feel that this partnership with Need For Speed No Limits is driving the game into a new­­, undefined space. I believe you’re only as good as the people you work with; working with Aoki is pushing the boundaries of what we’re striving for in popular culture.”