LAN Finale for the Fall Season of ESL 2019 India Premiership is finally here and it would be held at HICC in Kondapur. The games would begin on Nov 21 and continue until Nov 23. There are four titles in the competition: Dota 2, CS: GO, Brawl Stars, and Clash Finale. Competitors would fight against each other for the grand prize of Rs 1.1 Crore, divided amongst all the titles involved.

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ESL India has been supported for quite a long time by various sponsors

The ESL India Premiership is the longest-running Esports tournament in the country, and this year, its final would be held in a collaboration with Indiajoy, one of the largest digital entertainment festival. They had had experiences in holding various events related to art, movie, music, and gaming.

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ESL has always been very popular in India

During the aforementioned Fall Season Final, NODWIN Gaming would announce their new Esports Arena NODWIN, which in turn would feature various other tournaments such as the Red Bull R1v1r Runes India Finale and the India Series 2019 Finale for Rainbow Six Siege.

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Last year's ESL India Championship was held in Mumbai

According to investors, Gaming in India has definitely changed for the better, with the modern generations keeping the scenes alive and grow. The nature of gaming has changed from just a hobby into something similar to a professional sport. It is expected that more investors would flock into the scene to support and elevate the gaming community in the future, with ESL being just the beginning.

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Last year's CS: GO champion, Entity Esports

The tournament would begin at 10:00 AM on Nov 21, with all matches streamed live on Hotstar. Interested in more of our Esports news? Please check out this post for information about the latest PUBG Mobile tournament and who would represent India in the world stage.