"Everything" is a simulation game developed by David Oreilly. What is special about this game is that everything the universe is a playable character, from a single atom to planets and galaxies. Basically, you are a god with omnipresent. Into the game, at the first look, you might think this game is silly with simple models, animations. But there is more to it than that.

You will first start as a specific thing at a specific place in a specific time randomly. For example, an ant in space perhaps. From there you can go around with your new body and picking other objects to take over. You can even become smaller objects or bigger object, which is when things turn interesting. You can just keep going further and further until you are nothing but an atom or you can become a planet or a galaxy to watch the universe flow in front of your eyes.

Everything Review The Game Where You Can Be Anythi
You will spawn as a random object in a random place

Other than jumping from objects to objects, you can also make a group of them dance in a weird rhythm by pressing one button. But seeing the world in different perspectives is not the only thing, you will be able to see the thought of an object about the world around them. You can also do abnormal thing such as making big things small and making small things big, like a snake with the size of the sun.

Everything Gameplay Trailer Ps4 1 23 Screenshot
You can do all sort of weird things

"Everything" itself is designed to be an "organism that keeps going," as described by O'Reilly. If you left the game running by its own, it will start going automatically base on your settings. It will just keep going and going until you eventually find something interesting, something that you have never seen before, and pull you back to the game.

You can get "Everything" on Steam now for $14.99.