Valorant’s Closed Beta has just come to an end, tying straight into the game’s full launch. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the full release of the game including new content from the first episode of the game, Ignition.

1 – Start time

Valorant would go live on June 2, 2020. For players in India, Riot would temporarily map the region to either SEA or EU server, whichever is closer. This would definitely cause lag due to the higher latencies – but Riot further assures that they would resolve this problem eventually.

Valorant Meet The Agents

This type of incremental rollout would help Riot in improving their servers to serve the tens of thousands of players who are trying to login.

2 – What platforms is Valorant on?

You can download the game at Valorant's home page.

The launch version of the game would only be available on PC – other consoles and mobile would have to wait for the time being. Based on a few leaks, the PS4, iOS and Android version of the game is in the works.

3 – What are the new additions in the full version of Valorant?

Valorant’s Episode 1: Ignition would include a new hero, a new game mode, and a new map. The new character is called Reyna, who received a brief trailer a few days ago. We only get a vague look at her abilities – she seems to be able to go invisible and steal health from enemies.

The new map, Ascent, is a standard “strategy” map, with a lot of similarities to maps in other FPS games to ease the transition for players. The 3 narrow lanes design is similar to a MOBA – which encourages spread out evenly instead of grouping up together.

4 – Do Closed Beta Players get any rewards for playing Valorant?

Poster for the first season of the game, Ignition

Unfortunately not – CBT players are mostly reset back to square one, except for the game currency they have purchased with real money. Any spent Valorant point would be added back with 20% interests – if you have bought 1k points, you would get back 1.2k. Player pass progression would be kept as well. This decision would give everyone an identical starting point.