Previously, we've informed you about the announcement of a Fairy Tail game from Koei Tecmo. In that article, we gave you some predictions on the game's gameplay features, and also mentioned that Fairy Tail would come to Tokyo Game Show 2019 as well.

Now, as the developer Gust has already showcased the beauty of the game, it's time to check if our predictions are correct. But before that, let's watch a little cut containing five playable characters from TGS introduction. Plug your earphones in to enjoy the breath-taking atmosphere as well:

Thanks Gematsu for the amazing works! And without further ado, let's get right into the details:

10 playable characters

The trailer above only shows the five most famous playable characters from the Fairy Tail franchise. They are Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Lucy Heartfilia, Erza Scarlet and Wendy Marvell. They will bring their signature skills to this game, including the armors of Erza, the zodiacs of Lucy and the Ice Sword of Gray.

Fairy Tail Every Information We Know From Tokyo Ga
The trailer shows five playable characters

Furthermore, we also see the epic magic 'Fairy Law' of the guild master - Makarov as well. However, he is not likely a playable character, but an NPC or a boss.

Fairy Tail Every Information We Know From Tokyo Ga
Makarov Dreyar also showing off his signature spell - Fairy Law

The story

From the interview with Keisuke Kikuchi - Koei Tecmo's producer, we know that the game starts with the prologue of the epic fight between the Fairy Tail guild and its former master - Hades.

After that, you'll start from scratch as the guildhall is totally destroyed. That's the perfect choice from the developer, as well can enjoy the game and the story at a reasonable start. We also know that this Fairy Tail game also contains the Grand Magic Games - the competitions of Guilds as the first part of the story.

Fairy Tail Every Information We Know From Tokyo Ga
Grand Magic Games arc is the first half of this game's story

The Guild-focused mechanics

As the main theme of the anime/manga, Guilds will also play a very important role in this Fairy Tail game. To be more specific, the developer Gust has reproduced the guild of Fairy Tail in this game, which stands in Magnolia Town. It's totally destroyed from the previous battle, so you'll have to rebuild it from scratch.

Fairy Tail Every Information We Know From Tokyo Ga
Rebuild the Grand Hall of Fairy Tail from scratch

At first, the guild only receives some small-scale missions. Completing those missions will help level up the guild, and reaching certain levels will give you harder and harder tasks on the Request Board.

After that, you can purchase more weapons from the shop, and even construct a research lab in your Guild house as well. To cut the long story short, the flow is very simple: Receive quests, complete the quests, grow your Guild, receive harder quests, and so on.

Turn-based combats

As Fairy Tail RPG is the product from Gust instead of Omega Force, it's not a Musou title. Even though you can see from the trailer that the characters are blowing their powerful moves, it's actually their skills in turn-based combats, instead of their Musou attacks.

Following what they've been doing great with their Atelier series, Gust is bringing them to this game. Walking around the fields, you'll encounter a fight, in which you'll have to use your command inputs properly to win. Your enemies do have their formation as well, so you'll to plan your strike carefully.

Fairy Tail Every Information We Know From Tokyo Ga
Turn-based battles will pop-up randomly on your way

The elemental strikes, including Fire attacks from Natsu, Ice attacks from Gray and many more also matter, contributing to a "highly strategic" battle system. Furthermore, your characters' skills are not free to use, as they consume the characters' Mana Points. They'll be restored after you defeat an enemy, but don't waste them.

Fairy Tail Every Information We Know From Tokyo Ga
Skills do need MP to be used

Last but not least, other characters can join hands to unleash powerful cooperative magic, but we don't know much about this mechanics yet.

Fairy Tail is still under development

Fairy Tail has only been 50% complete at this moment, so we don't have a specific release date yet. However, Koei Tecmo has announced that it will come out at some times in 2020, and there will be another live broadcast about the game in October.

Fairy Tail Every Information We Know From Tokyo Ga
Fairy Tail is coming out in 2020 at an unknown date

Fairy Tail will support PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC at launch.