Developer Gust and Publisher Koei Tecmo have revealed the release date of the upcoming RPG based on the popular shounen manga Fairy Tail. The game would be launched globally on March 19 for all systems, including the PS4, PC and Switch.

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The main cast of Fairy Tail would be front and center of this game

The game promises players a faithful adaptation of the manga contents and the world of Fairy Tail, along with an all-original storyline. This is probably the first time a Fairy Tail game is launched in the West for both consoles and PC – it is likely that the developers are trying to appeal to a wider fanbase. Hiro Mashima, the author himself, is supervising the development.

Below is an official announcement along with a trailer

Fairy Tail RPG would cover some of the best arcs in the manga, such as the Grand Magic Games, the fan-favorite Tenrou Island arc, the Tartaros arc, and finally some original episodes and chapters from both the anime and manga of the series. The events of the game would occur somewhere in the middle of the anime – they would revolve around the disappearance of Natsu’s party and Fairy Tail’s near destruction.

As the game is developed by Gust, the maker of the Atelier series, Fairy Tail’s gameplay would be more or less the same. The combat would be turn-based with additional bonus systems that would trigger after you have fulfilled some conditions. The main arcs of the game’s story would be separated into multiple parts called chapters, which in turn also get divided into even smaller parts called episodes. Each of your characters would have unique strengths and weaknesses, along with a unique skill tree.

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