Farmer's Dynasty brings players a new farming simulation experience. It is a unique combination of role-playing game (RPG) and classical farming simulation game.

Though you have experienced many jobs in the city, you still remember your dream of being a farmer when you were young. You still remember your beautiful past moments on the farm of your grandfather.

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Farmer’s Dynasty will bring players a new farming simulation experience.

And now, you want to come back to your good old times on the farm of your grandfather. Your grandfather suddenly passed away, and he left his farm in poor condition. Your dream of being a farmer is still always in your heart. So it is time to build up the farm of your grandfather again. What are you waiting for? Let’s make your dream come true now!

You will start the game with straightforward farming tools & grow rapidly via deep gameplay of building, fixing, and harvesting. To increase your yield and quickly become one of the leading farmers in the village, you need to acquire new agricultural facilities like silos and greenhouses.

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You can participate in events of the village to increase your social points.

A detailed story mode will instruct players through the game, and there are lots of tasks & decisions for you to make. You will start the game with an old tractor which is nearly total damaged, and step-by-step achieve experience & money. From there, you can complete higher tasks and increase your earnings for better equipment & tractors. In the game, you will live the real life of farmers. You will build your own farm, life, and family up and do farming.

The social aspect is the main section of Farmer’s Dynasty. After you finished a working day, you can join events of the village to relax and develop your social life. There, you will meet your neighbors & spend time with them. These social activities could result in a friendly and romantic relationship & family life in the countryside.

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Main Features Of Farmer’s Dynasty:

- Live the life of a farmer: build your farm & family up and cultivate on your fields.

- Experience a unique mixture of farming, life, and management.

- Build, fix, and widen your farm to coordinate with your vision.

- Be free to go everywhere you want in an open world in the countryside.

- Support your neighbors in various tasks and get social scores.

- Learn the way to use different farming machines & manage cycles to optimize crop yields.

Farmer’s Dynasty will be out on PC (Steam), PS4, and Xbox One on 7th November 2019 and later on Nintendo Switch.