In early May this year, Electronic Arts (EA), more specifically the subdivision EA Sports, announced the 30-year partnership with FIFA would come to an end. The partnership allowed the popular eSport game to carry the name FIFA. The first version of the game came out in 1993, and its popularity has become global over the past three decades.

Year after year, EA Sports brought innovation and game-breaking features to the game, making it one of the most popular video game franchises in history. Although neither EA nor FIFA has confirmed the reasoning behind the termination of the partnership. Despite this, it is widely speculated that they couldn’t reach a new agreement to continue.

Fifa 22

New Era for EA Sports

The splitting of this long term partnership will not be immediate. EA has also mentioned that from 2023 onwards, the popular video game will be called EA SPORTS FC. EA has also said that all their current license partners will remain, meaning all rights that FIFA 2022 had will continue to FIFA 2023 and later EA SPORTS FC. This is important to fans because licenses from the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, the MLS, and other leagues have made the game authentic. Although the game will not bear the name FIFA anymore, EA has noted that this change will bring new opportunities and chances to evolve the game even more.

While some fans were shocked by the news, others were still excited because FIFA 2023 is still slated to be released. In addition to the various features like Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Pro Clubs, and VOLTA game modes, FIFA 2023 will also feature both the men’s and women’s World Cup. It marked the first time in the franchises’ history that players can select women’s teams.

Since this will be the last game released as partners with FIFA, EA Sports have claimed that they have put in more work than ever to incorporate more features, leagues, clubs, players, and tournaments.

In their official statement, Cam Weber, EVP, Group GM EA SPORTS & Racing, also stated that after the release of FIFA 2023, fans will have to wait until the summer of 2023 to get more news about EA SPORTS FC. Some of the current partners of EA Sports have also come out and assured their fans that they would continue the other established partnership for the new EA SPORTS FC video game. These include the Premier League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, UEFA, CONMEBOL, and NIKE.

FIFA 2023

We can’t go forward without discussing the new FIFA 2023 coming out on September 30, 2022. One of the biggest features that will be added to the game is Women’s Club Football. Until now, players could only pick women’s international teams; however, in FIFA 2023, you can play as any women’s football team you like. This means club competitions, both domestic and international.

Fifa 22 Gameplay

EA is also introducing HyperMotion2 Technology. Players will notice the more realistic graphics and over 6,000 true-to-life animations. As far as gameplay features are concerned, there will be new risks to reward shooting mechanics, refreshed free kicks, penalties, and corners. Also, cross-play will be featured, meaning you can play against your friends on different platforms.

Continuing the Legacy

FIFA came out with a statement saying they have granted EA a one-year extension so that FIFA 2023 can come out. However, because they want to continue the brand, they will look for other third-party studios to develop the new FIFA video game from 2024 forward.

Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, also said that the authentic video game will hold the name ‘FIFA’ for years to come and will continue to be the best.

It is no wonder that FIFA will try to make a new game and continue the franchise, given their profits in the past two decades. With more than $20 billion in sales, it is one of the biggest selling games ever.

While FIFA is a major organization, ending this partnership will cost them money. It has been stated that EA has paid FIFA around $150 million each year a new game came out. Apart from the financial setback, finding a new studio that will develop a game that will compete in the market dominated by EA will be a challenge in itself.

Final Thoughts

For the time being, all EA Sports fans, or FIFA fans, can be excited about the new FIFA 2023 coming out in a month or so. However, changes are coming, and regular gamers can only hope that FIFA will find a partner that can deliver the same or better quality of service for the upcoming games.