Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is your family-friendly PS4 game what is most fun when you need something to past time. It is a fishing simulator that can satisfy your hunger for fishing without even getting your hands dirty.

Moreover, with the latest feature added to the game, you can keep your dream of becoming the best fisherman in the world alive. Just grab your Play Station and dive deep into the world of the fishery.

Watch the latest trailer of Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour

What is included in the game?

As the name suggests, you get to catch fish, lots of fish in Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour. Fish are diverse, varying in size and type.

Fishing Sim Wolrd 01
Expect the unimaginable catch you may come across

A career mode

The latest update delivers a brand new career mode with a unique story. You start out as a regular angler. As you start to make headlines by catching some impressive fish, your popularity grows quickly. You will have the chance to climb the ladder to become one true elite in the world of fishermen.

Fishing Sim Wolrd 02
Complete tasks and climb the ranking ladder

Success requires hard work. You need to surpass some major opponents from John Crews, David Dudley to Jacob Wheeler. Eventually, you will face some major obstacle like the most successful ever Scott Martin. He is also the host of his own Challenge TV show on the social media and the Fishing Sim World ambassador.

Other features

The game gives you rewards once you complete certain missions or tasks. As you climb the ranking ladder, you will gain more career earnings and social media followers. Gradually, you can unlock more sponsorship opportunities and the chance to enter many tournaments. More opponents and challenges await us.

Fishing Sim Wolrd 03
The highest achievement in the game, becoming the champion

Also, you can choose from various fishing location to try your hands. There are over 29 species of fish with distinct nature roaming free in the water. The game also offers many fishing accessories to help you with catching the fish of your dream.

The game is out on many platforms like PlayStation or Steam. Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour is currently on sales with a 20% discount.