wants to make not only PC players but also Switch players go insane! That's why they're releasing their funky platformer - Let's Go Nuts to Nintendo Switch very soon.

The game has previously made its debut on PC. But if you haven't heard of it, here's a quick glimpse from the trailer for you:

About Let's Go Nuts

It seems like nuts are kinds of weeds for the squirrel! If not, then why in Let's Go Nuts, this squirrel looks very high every time it jumps and collects the nuts? Maybe that is the intention of the developer. It's trying to make a crackhead squirrel that will make everyone laugh out loud!

Let's Go Nuts Nintendo Switch 5
This squirrel is truely a crackhead!

Let's Go Nuts has come to PC through Steam in June 2018. And since the game has gained a decent amount of attention from PC players, there's no reason not bringing this game to other platforms! Consequently, Nintendo Switch is next lucky one to receive this funny title.

This game tells the story of a cute squirrel that seems high all the time. He's on his duty to protect the Earth from an Alien invasion. That's nuts!

Let's Go Nuts Nintendo Switch 1
Find your way up to the Alien spaceship

You'll have to lead your furry friend through various severe environments, from the ice plateau to the lava ground from a volcano. Your job is to defeat those green glass-head aliens, get to their spaceship and save the day!

Fascinating gameplay with a dope squirrel

The story of the game is nothing while comparing to its gameplay. According to the indie developer, Let's Go Nuts is a "fast, party platform game". 

You might not understand what the "fast" part is here, right? Well, basically there will be a green boiling slimy substance follows you in multiplayer mode. Furthermore, it's definitely not friendly, and you must run as fast as you can if you don't want to be its food.

Let's Go Nuts Nintendo Switch 2
The green 'toxic goo' is chasing you from behind

However, you should also be mindful about collectings the nuts as well. After all, every squirrel needs to eat! The more nuts you collect, the higher your points will be. That's why lasting long won't guarantee you a victory. The game supports up to 4 players playing split-screen, which is perfect for family entertaining purposes!

Let's Go Nuts Nintendo Switch 6
This game supports up to four people going nuts at the same time!

Of course, this endless run mode is also playable with only one person. But if you want to solo-adventuring, then the game also features 40 levels and 4 diverse worlds. I think we all agree that running with an objective is better than nothing!

All the levels consist of every basic thing of a platformer. You'll have to guide run and jump to get to the finish line. And not every place is accessible with one jumps, so you'll have to knock over some items such as the boxes to make a new path.

Let's Go Nuts Nintendo Switch 7
Dash to the boxes to make a new path to the finish mark

However, when there are no items for you to depend on, you'll have to jump on the head of the alien. It features the same mechanics as the old school Mario games. Specifically, the green glass-head aliens' weakness is their fragile top, and you only need one jump to get rid of them forever. And trust me, our squirrel really enjoys it!

Let's Go Nuts Nintendo Switch 8
Just look how fun he is!

As you make your way through the game, you'll be able to unlock more headgear for the squirrels, which looks cute and silly at the same time!

Get it now for a huge discount!

Let's Go Nuts has come out for Nintendo Switch today. Also, the developer is currently running a 70% discount for the game. To be more specific, the game's original price was $9.99, and you can grab it for only $2.99 if you're quick!

Let's Go Nuts Nintendo Switch 3
Let's Go Nuts is only $2.99 on eShop!

The discount event only last for a limited time, so let's invite your friends in and enjoy running and jumping with this quirky squirrel now!