Adventuring through various icy fields, volcanic tombs, and island temples is some rough stuff. But your adventure would be more tolerable with your owl friend which you could use to throw at the enemies in the game- Eagle Island.

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Koji, the owl

Eagle Island 2
The owl Koji is a fantastic weapon that will be very helpful.

With all my seriousness, the owl Koji is a fantastic weapon that will be very helpful as adventuring through the dangerous landscapes. You can throw the owl in eight directions ( thinks about the D-pad on game controllers). You can also equip your owl with various special powers which you will find on the journey.

Those power will make the owl become a more effective weapon as well as help you solve various puzzles. Some special powers of the owl in the game is ice, fire, and thunder.

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Plus, Koji the owl is very cute.

But I don't know if throw your adorable animal friend at the enemies is a good or bad point. Still, the owl is an effective weapon, although that you will need to wait for the owl to come back to you after each attack. Therefore you might need to think a bit before each attack to achieve the best result.

Lost temples

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Koji will help you explore striking but filled with monster places

You should be thankful toward the owl Koji because it will help you explore striking but filled with monster places.

Top of the mountains full of snow and high cliffs, deep jungles where ancient temples are hidden with its riches, and deep dungeons full of lava, plus many more exciting places await on your journey. This game also offers you the choice of going with classic story mode or take on a Roguelite route. So you could go with a relaxed experience or hardcore permanent death. You could choose the style that you want to play with.

If lost temples and bird buddies look fun, this game might be for you.

The game is up for grab right now on Steam and Nintendo Switch.