Remember when your mom told you not to play with your food? Here in FoodBall, you can do the exact opposite and do it as hard as you can. FoodBall is a mix of football, racing cars, and food. You will be controling a food truck, trying to kick a tomato into the goal of the other team. Check out of this trailer of FoodBall and see the gameplay of it for yourself.

The basic principles of FoodBall are the same as football but with a tomato and food truck instead of a ball and human. 4 players will be divided into 2 teams. Each will control a food truck with unique recipes and skills such as freezing opponents, acceleration, and setting culinary traps. Choosing the right truck that works well with your teammate can make a huge difference between winning and losing.

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Each food truck has its own unique ability

The story mode of the game tells the story of food truck owners who want to change the culinary world. They will be traveling around the world to complete on different pitches which have their own unique events and obstacles.

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Each pitch will have different events and obstacles

The CEO of Cat-astrophe Games, Paweł Wojciechowicz, said that the game might resemble Rocket League at first sight, but they actually took a different approach. Each character has their own backstory and skills that heavily impact the gameplay. The game also focuses on local multiplayer and providing a fun experience among friends and family more than the competitive aspect. But if you are a solo player, the game can still be interesting with all the mechanics based on the principle "‘Easy to play, hard to master."

The game is currently under the development of Cat-astrophe Games and expected to be released for Nintendo Switch and PC in Q3 2020.