There is a high chance that the first challenges will only be localized in Korea - the first region up for those challenges.

The newest challenges of Fortnite intend to make players get out of their comfort zone within their house. However, like we mentioned above, for these challenges, Korean players may be the only ones who can participate in. After some data miners figured out some references to the challenges called The PCB challenges (“PC Bangs”, which is widely used in Korea to refer to PC cafes) in the last updated version, the information about them was found leaked on Twitter.

A list of challenges

From what we know, players will receive some XP, V-bucks and also Battle Stars in the game if they play Fortnite in some certain cafes. A Twitter user named TapohiFL has recently posted something which looks a lot like an advertising image for this event. The photo confirmed that the PCB challenges are only for Korean players at the moment.

This seems to be the very first-time Fortnite’s ever challenged players in a specific area only. Still, we can’t tell whether the developers also have other challenges for players from other regions, or if they will wait for the result of this one first before planning any other challenges.

Coincidentally, the information about the challenges leaked at the same time the Keyboard King store appeared in the game, specifically in the Paradise Palms area. The store itself is a PC cafe located in the map of the Battle Royale.

The Keyboard King

A look inside the Keyboard King

Besides the news about the upcoming challenges, recently, Epic has also made an announcement about Fortnite’s collaboration with the NFL. They intend to bring some football-themed sets of skins and gears to the game, represented all 32 sports teams. Meanwhile, in the game, the explosion of the mysterious purple cube caught in a one-time live event on Sunday.