Fortnite surely is making huge success. When Epic first launched the battle royale mode in mid-2017, its number of players has skyrocketed. The game reached a total of more than 8.3 million players playing at the same time in November.

In any case, Fortnite's island was inadequate when it propelled, making its steady development an ideal method to perceive how Epic's updates influence player maintenance. Though controversial or praised, these updates surely are fascinating and drastic enough to keep attracting more and more players.

It's the beginning of 2019 now and when is it more important to make some predictions for the game itself? Fortnite is already really good and what changes can Epic make to make the game even greater? It is hard to say especially when they barely tell anyone anything, yet we have some predictions for this year's updates based on what Epic has stated and the game's development direction.

We can soon explore the underwater

Fortnite Under Ice
Greasy Grove is under the ice now

Spring is coming and it may come with a great thaw all over the map's frozen parts. Greasy Grove is right now hidden underwater, beneath the ice, yet you can still see the structures, chests, and weapons just underneath the surface. Possibly we'll be able to swim down there soon.

A quick glance at the Season 7's hints will also support this idea. A snowman splash dissolves in anguish, an octopus symbol winds up accessible at level 84, a blasting sun at 62, and the scuba-diver outfits might be the most obvious indicator for an underwater world. Fortnite frozen scene is acquired just after many indicators such as skins and rewards so it wouldn't be too risky to say that they are also preparing an underwater environment in the same way.

Glider redeploy's reappearance

Fortnite Glider

We were overwhelmed with the primary glider redeploy beta, and it landed in the meantime as a vast armed force of cube beasts. It was excessively changed without a moment's delay for players, however, the minute this system was hauled out, many pros felt disappointed. The capacity to redeploy gliders is really fun, regardless of whether it wasn't exactly adjusted yet. Battles were anything but difficult to attack from afar, beyond any doubt, yet it made the game quicker and nearly eliminated the advantages of constructions. Fortnite turned out to be increasingly open without estranging gifted players.

The constructions still offer players a favorable position, yet tactics were finally mattered more. Epic Games just couldn't emphasize on the component rapidly enough. Since then it's been confined to bigger group modes while we have to play with things in the default modes, yet hope to see a reappearance, regardless of whether it is anything but a perpetual one.

New vehicles

Fortnite Vehicles

4 new vehicles have been added to Fortnite only in 2018 and that's not included gliders, zip lines, Shadow Stones and many more so that we have more choices with moving around the map. Sure, constructing buildings and precise shootings may be good enough, but a great moving tactic can change a lot and even decide the entire match. And it's more interesting also. For this year updates, we should expect more and more intriguing and unique ways to swiftly move around.

Something like the Infinity Blade

Fortnite Infinity Blade

Being the first of the Mythic line of items, the Infinity Blade didn't get a lot of love since it is overpowered with tremendous reach and crazy abilities like giving the users more health. As a result, it was removed. However, Mythic items seem like a great idea for the game. These special items aim for a greater range of opportunities for players which make them play differently based not only on what they have but also on where they are on the map.

As long as these items are not overwhelming, it can reconstruct the whole map and bring more chances for great landscapes to experience. Nevertheless, Epic will need a more adaptable way to bring these Mythic items into the game.

Change to constructing


The Fortnite's constructing system was essentially taken ideal from Save the World, just accelerated a little. Since then it turned into the demonstrating ground for players—how talented you are with its unfeeling, complex constructing to a great extent illuminates how great you'll perform in the match. In any case, while the items, map, vehicles have been modified over and over, the construction wasn't changed a lot since the begin.

While numerous geniuses see acing its heartless procedures as a fundamental transitional experience—altering pyramid pieces while hopping over them, brisk alter shotgun impacts, square-shaped spike traps worked in glimmer—those equivalent complexities add to the exhausting turtle-burrows that characterize Fortnite during the late-game.

Minecraft-like mode

Creative Mode

Specially made for those who just love constructing, Creative mode is Fortnite's version of Minecraft in which you are able to build anything you want. Some have already created classic games' maps, iconic buildings such as the Stark Tower already.

Even better, there will be a region called The Block, in which the best of gamers' designs are placed on the map. Hopefully, it won't be the only one either.

A more unified experience

Save The World
Fortnite's Save the World mode needs some more connection with the other modes

Fortnite is basically 3 games: Save the World, Creative mode, and Battle Royale all share the same name. While there are more connections between Battle Royale and Creative mode such as both have the same launch. Some of the best construction in Creative mode will also be featured in Battle Royale while at the same time what appears in Battle Royale will also be included in Creative.

To put in consideration, Save the World seems quite lonely with a totally different type of gamers being attracted. Some of the Fortnite updates are trying to make more connections between Save the World and the other modes. We think that might be Epic will make some share at least in cosmetic stuff between them to make players feel more bounded to the game and the community regardless of their favorite mode. Hopefully, there will be a lot of surprise and creative stuff for the upcoming updates.

First Fortnite World Cup

World Cup 2019

First time going into esports didn't go so well with Fortnite. It was supposed to be amazing, with new things, stuff, vehicles, weapons, and balance changes weekly. All to see how the pros would react. In the meantime, many events are held as if it was perfect

A ton turned out badly. Amid the last day of the Summer Skirmish, a $1.5 million-worth competition, a bug with the infamous cube's gravity fields. Later, the Infinity Blade created mass chaos in the Winter Royale.

However, other than those annoying issues, Fortnite is as yet an incredible sport. With the first Fortnite World Cup booked for 2019, definitely Epic will need to put on a decent show, and the capacity to give players a chance to spectate matches feels like a fundamental piece of that. Live casters are showing signs of improvement constantly, and the live camera work is vastly improved at following the activity than at any time in recent memory. Presently's an ideal opportunity to give players a chance to take the wheel.

A break for maintenance

Possibly this is transforming into to a greater extent a wish, yet Fortnite has some bug issues, Epic is completing a serious activity keeping Fortnite stable, yet disturbing bugs misuses still spring up routinely. As a result, a break to clean up all those bugs and issues might be needed.

The game will never stop changing

Fortnite is becoming more and more fun, creative and impressive with more stuff they are adding after every update. As such, it becomes a so good sandbox-battle-royale game that Epic will keep adding changes to keep it lively and stay cool. Boredom just not stay in this game's dictionary.