While Roblox is a free-to-play game, in order to get in-game cosmetic items or aesthetic Roblox avatars, you need to use Robux, an in-game currency that can be bought with real money. However, not all players can spend real money on Robux, given that Roblox players are mostly youngsters. But who doesn't want to make their in-game characters look good?

That's why many players are looking for a free Robux generator for Roblox 2021 which doesn't often guarantee a positive result. However, we got here a better way of how to get free Robux 2021 for your reference.

1. Is there any working Free Robux generator for Roblox 2021?

Roblox players have been trying to look for a free Robux generator for Roblox but none has worked so far. All of them require players to do a human verification or survey while not giving back any Robux at all. That's just enough to prove that there is no such thing as a free Robux generator no human verification or survey 2021.

Free Robux Generator 2021
All Robux generators are just scam sites to get you to earn money for them.

All of the Robux generators you found on Google are all just scam sites. They trick you into earning money for them by doing surveys and watching ads.

Just think about it, Robux is the premium currency of Roblox. It's how they make most of their money. Why would anyone give Robux away for free if they have a way to hack it?

Indeed, there are ways to get free Robux 2021 by doing tasks on certain websites. We will explain it further in later sections.

2. How to spot a fake Robux generator?

Here are some red flags that indicate a fake free Robux generator for Roblox 2021:

  • They ask for your email and password.
  • They ask you to complete a survey or human verification (which will earn them money).
  • The website has spelling or grammar errors.
  • It says "http" in the URL instead of "HTTPS" (A secure form, a must especially when dealing with passwords).
  • The website or video makes you comment things like "I just got 10000 R$ from freerobux.tk" on comments.

If you see any of the signs above, head out now. If you have given them your password, change your password immediately. They are trying to steal your account.

Roblox Scam
Roblox warns players about the free Robux scams on the Internet.

3. How to get free Robux 2021?

As we mentioned, there is no such thing as a working free Robux generator for Roblox 2021 and you only get it using real money. However, it doesn't mean there is no way to work around it. There are ways for you to get free Robux even when you don't have any money. This is not a free Robux generator for Roblox without doing anything. You have to do tasks to get Robux and the amount is not too much.

What is rbxsite?

Rbxsite is a site where you can get free Robux by doing tasks given by the website. There are all kinds of tasks including doing surveys, answering quizzes, downloading games, playing games. Different offers will give you different numbers of points. Most offers will give you points instantly but some might need up to 24 hours to reward points.

You can earn Robux by doing various tasks on the website.

There is also a community on Discord and a YouTube channel where you can get promo codes to get free points and talk with other people. There is also a level system. You can get XP by doing offers and level up. When you level up you will get rewards. At level 20, you can get an item that gives you a 10% bonus on all offers.

You can also earn bonus points by referring the site to your friends. You get a 10% of whatever your referrals make.

How to get free Robux from rbxsite?

  • Go to rbxsite.com
  • You will be asked to enter your Roblox user name. Make sure you enter your name right so you can claim Robux. The site won't ask you to enter passwword.
  • Go to the Earn tab to see all the offers. You can use the filter on the website in order to pick out the kind of offers you want to complete.
  • To claim your Robux, go to the Withdraw tab. There are 2 methods, but the Private Server method is recommended since it is fast and always available.
Withdrawal Brxsite
There are 2 methods of withdrawal on Brxsite but the Private Server method is recommended
  • Enter the number of Robux you want to claim and click Continue.
  • Create a private server with that price. Copy the ID of that server and paste it into rbxsite then Press Claim.
Private Server Roblox
Create a paid private server in Roblox with a set price and copy the ID of the server.
  • Now the points on your rbxsite account will be deducted and you will get Robux on your Roblox account.

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