Video games cops are usually the closest depictions of superheroes that we relate to in reality. We admire these characters because of their logic, bravery, and dedication. We get anxious when they get in danger. We can entrust the world in their hands because they can always deliver what they promise, even in these most stressful situations.

Here is a list of awesome cops that we believe deserve the highest commendation of a lifetime.

10. Cole Phelps (L.A. Noire)

Ralph, friends who want to stay friends don't discuss religion or politics, and in my case you can add the war to that."

A former marine officer in the United States Marine Corps, Cole returned from the war as a hero and rose through the ranks into a detective.

Pic6 1
Even though he is not the brightest detective on our list, Cole Phelps still deserves to be admired by many

Cole is a detective with a tragic past. During the battle of Sugar Loaf Hill with the Corps, he did not make the best decision by falling back, only to witness his close friend got blown into pieces right after. But we have to admit that he’s a nobleman with a big heart. Cole really tried his best to save people when he was with the LAPD. Sometimes effort should count more than actual results.

9. Cybil Bennett (Silent Hill)

Darkness devouring the town? Must be on drugs.

When we see a female cop riding a motorbike into a haunted town, we can trust that she’s a tough one.

In the middle of the paranormal madness of Silent Hill, one can always appreciate the bravery and reliability of someone like Cybil. Not only did she not run away from an unusually dangerous situation, but she also managed to save the remaining survivors of the town.

The coolest thing is that her name derives from the Latin Sibylla, which stands for “a prophetess”. In the Middle Ages, they were believed to be receptors of divine revelation. Hence, we have a variation of that term, Cybil, a person with divination power. Her last name is another form of Benedictus, which means “a blessing.”

Pic6 2
Not only had Cybil Bennet become a blessing for Harry, our protagonist, she was also a blessing for the haunted American resort town, Silent Hill

8. Nick Kang (True Crime: Streets of LA)

You have the right to soak in your own urine.

This particular individual was suspended indefinitely from the police force due to bad behavior. Apart from being a wise-cracking and aggressive cop, Nick also has an adorably obnoxious lack of self-esteem whenever he compares himself with his father, a top officer of the LAPD. Who wouldn’t love such an oxymoron?

He’s a perfect candidate for the Elite Operations Division (namely E.O.D.). A man of the field, Nick has awesome firearm dual wielding skills. He can operate any gun, from 9mm handgun to SPAS Shotgun. Unsurprisingly, he managed to shoot all of the attackers and the final boss in his last fight in the game. What a legend!

Pic6 3
A snapshot of Nicholas Kang Wilson, bathed in his gun-wielding glory

7. Carmelita Fox (Sly Cooper Series)

All I see is a pathetic thief who’s escaped justice for far too long.

It’s quite an exception that we make for Carmelita to be on this list. First of all, she’s not human. Secondly, this also means she doesn’t arrest human. But these facts don’t make her any less qualified than other candidates.

Carmelita got an excellent background. She studied at Sleuth Academy and graduated at the top of her class. After graduation, she began working for the Investigative Services Division of INTERPOL. Her constant chase for Sly Cooper (the main character) later turned into a collaboration and romantic experience.

Pic6 4
Carmelita Fox

Overall, she’s a very intelligent and interesting character with strong moral code, which makes her a perfect cop.

6. Ryotaro Dojima (Persona 4)

This town is my town. It's the place where you and Nanako live. That's why I'm gonna live on, protecting this place. As a detective... as a father.

Living alone with his daughter, Dojima is shown to be a hard-working detective. Adachi notes that he is a particularly harsh supervisor, but Dojima is merely training Adachi due to the dedication to his work.

Despite his lack of emotional availability, Dojima still cares tremendously for everyone around him. Since Persona 4 is such a great game with a decent amount of humor, you’ve got plenty of opportunities to confuse this awkwardly affectionate uncle.

Pic6 5
If you ever got a chance to play Persona 4, we strongly recommend annoying your intimidating detective uncle by eating his pickles…

Pic6 5b
…since the consequence is likely to be frightening

It’s also absolutely hilarious to realize that he lives through the entire game without knowing about the existence of the TV world and persona. We always wonder how his police report would go if this was to happen in real life.

5. Connor (Detroit: Become Human)

I have no side, I was designed to stop deviants and that's what I intend to do.

Pic6 6
Let us present the portrait of Connor, our favorite android detective in Detroit: Become Human

Here’s another non-human representative. We believe Connor and his human partner, Hank, are the two best parts of Detroit: Become Human. This duo works so well together as cops because they need to rely on each other as partners. Hank got alcohol, while Connor has the coin trick.

This guy also has 28 different possibilities of death in the game. So if you’re into killing android and counting, you may enjoy Connor as a character. Hopefully, he will provide you with some diverse entertainment for your dark empty soul.

4. Chase McCain (Lego City Undercover)

You know what? You can have it chief. Some things...are more important than work.

Chase McCain is the only man that Lego City can rely on when tragedy happens. He’s a master of disguise, proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Moreover, he’s skilled in operating a system of various vehicles and aircraft. What more can you ask for?

Pic6 7
Chase McCain

3. Leon Scott Kennedy (Resident Evil Series)

Hope you got friends on the other side, 'cause no one's gonna miss you here."

Leon’s first appearance as a playable character in 1998’s Resident Evil 2 wasn’t anything groundbreaking. He was too innocent, lacked personality, played no major role apart from being a sounding board for the supporting characters.

Pic6 8
Leon S. Kennedy: from bland trope to wisecracking hero

But then Kennedy evolved into everyone’s favorite. Leon finally became prominent as a character during Capcom’s Resident Evil 4, where he showed off awesome spin kicks and tossed out flippant exchanges with Salazar. Now he’s a charming cop with signature dry wit.

2. Aya Brea (Parasite Eve)

First of all I'm a cop, and it's my job... And after all, I am human..."

Aya is such a cool cucumber and deserves to be in this place because even when an entire theater of people bursts into flame, she is still determined on stopping the threat right then and there.

Her demeanor may seem a bit distant and businesslike, but that’s an understandable side effect of seeing as much death and destruction as she has. At the core, Aya is still a very compassionate and hopeful individual with an unyielding sense of good.

On top of these amazing traits, she somehow manages to use parasite energy granted by her mitochondrial evolution to unleash some serious whoop-ass when she needs to. It is such a usual thing for the force in New York City we guess.

Pic6 9
Who wouldn’t love Aya Brea in this perfect depiction made by Square Enix?

1. Francis York Morgan (Deadly Premonition)

Do you feel it, Zach? My coffee warned me about it.

Francis York Morgan is the only reason why you should ever think of buying Deadly Premonition since it is such a frustrating thing to play. And yet the man’s endearing awkwardness is very unique to video games that this game has been played by thousands just to witness his brilliance. It is undebatable that Morgan is one of the finest and most complex game characters in years.

Part of this genius in character development is thanks to the multitude of situations provided by the game. This helps to unravel Morgan’s layers, from the simplest scenario of him having conversations with his crew in the car, to his alternate prophet Zach's personality.

Pic6 10
The presence of Francis York Morgan has turned Deadly Premonition from a less-than-average horror game into The Room of the gaming world

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