A lot of fans hoped to finally get a glimpse of some AOE 4 gameplay footage at this year’s Gamescom, however, they came back empty-handed. To pacify the fans, Xbox has released a statement: they would be showing the gameplay footage of the highly anticipated AOE 4 later in London.

One of the most anticipated RTS game: Age of Empires 4

The event is going to be held from 14th to 16th of November, at London’s Copper Box Arena. According to an interview, during the Xbox presentation on the first day, AOE 4 is scheduled to be shown.

That day is the same day that Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition is scheduled to be released. About AOE 4’s release date, 2020 should be the earliest, as companies usually show gameplay footages about 1 year before release.

Below is the reveal trailer of the game, released by Microsoft previously:

From the trailer, we can more or less decipher about what AOE 4’s settings – which period in history would it be in. Past games from the series have covered everything from the Stone Age to the colonization of America. It is very likely that we would get to see the industrial revolution – or even further into the twentieth century.

Alternatively, Age of Empires 4 might cover a wider range of time period – as you get through major and minor events, quite similar to games like Empire Earth.

AOE 4 is going to include feudal Japan as well

It is rather hard for us to decipher anything right now – as the only visual released for Age of Empires 4 is just a reveal trailer. The visual range depicts in the trailer is rather large, however, with the Romans and Conquistadors appear right before a scene of the American civil war. In general, the trailer has created more questions than answers.

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Even the Native Americans have their place in AOE

If they manage to bring the AOE franchise to a new start with AOE 4, the RTS genre might get a new king, since Starcraft 2 hasn't done so well these days.