THQ Nordic has gained a reputation through a lot of famous titles, such as the Darksiders series or Titan Quest. However, among their list, there's no game lying in the strategy genre.

As a result, the publisher is going to fill that hole by announcing their first grand strategy game ever: Knights of Honor II: Sovereign!

Here's the announcement trailer of the game, which you should give it a look:

The reborn of the 15-year-old series

The first Knights of Honor game first came out in 2004. However, at that time, the game didn't manage to stand its spot, and quickly become dormant right after.

However, THQ Nordic is going to make their debut in the "medieval grand strategy" genre by reviving this series. To be more specific, it's going to release the second game of the series - Knights of Honor II: Sovereign!

Knights Of Honor Ii Sovereign Announced 2
This will be the first grand strategy game from THQ Nordic

When speaking about this genre, most people will recall a fascinating title in 2012 - Crusader Kings 2. There aren't any titles that can compete with it at this point. However, things might change with Knights of Honor II: Sovereign. This game comes from the hands of the veteran in Black Sea Games. Together with THQ Nordic, they've promised that this game is going to be "more accessible". This means most players will have nearly no difficulties getting used with it.

Knights Of Honor Ii Sovereign Announced 1
With THQ Nordic is the publisher, Black Sea Games is going back for another game

However, the trailer above doesn't show much about what will be in the game. Even though the game has opened its Steam page now, there are only a few early images and a vague description. All we've known so far is you're going to take control of a medieval country and trying to riddle the vast land of Europe.

Knights Of Honor Ii Sovereign Announced 4
This game takes the settings of Europe in the medieval era

In order to do that, you'll need to control everything happens in your country. They include managing the economy, balancing the religions in the country, master the art of diplomacy and become a wise general. Build a legacy that lives through many generations is the final victory you want to head to.

What's new with Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

As I've mentioned, the developer wants to make Knights of Honor II: Sovereign "more accessible". Therefore, they will present this game with miniature, getting rid of the intense menu text. As a result, the game will be easier to get used to for a wider public range.

Knights Of Honor Ii Sovereign Announced 5
This game targets a wider range of players

Additionally, unlike most of the other titles in the same genre, this game will feature real-time strategic battles. And the battles in Knights of Honor II will not have any "turns", which makes the game even more special.

I think it might be kind of complicated at first, as you have to make immediate responses to the situation. However, if you get used to this mechanics, it might become the most attracting features of the game.

Knights Of Honor Ii Sovereign Announced 8
Featuring RTS battles

THQ Nordic planned to unleash Knights of Honor II: Sovereign in 2020. However, with the little information that we got at this moment, don't expect it's going to be soon.