Grand Theft Auto 5 The Bureau Raid is the fifth heist mission in the game. You would execute it using protagonists Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton.

1 - Preparation for the heist

There are two approaches that you could choose to execute this heist: Covert and Roof.


This approach would have the crew disguising themselves as firefighters and entering the FIB building after burning it themselves. Michael would pose as the janitor and place firebombs in two rooms. To prepare for this, 2 missions need to be completed: Stealing a Fire Truck and parking a getaway vehicle near the building to escape after ditching the firetruck.



There is no setup for this approach - the crew can just land on top of the building, do the job then escape.

2 - Grand Theft Auto 5 The Bureau Raid Heist Guide

Covert (Fire Crew)

As Michael, players would drive to the building and use the fake ID to pose as the janitor. Afterward, get to the 49th floor and begin cleaning while placing bombs. There are two spots for this - an open locker and the restroom. Leave the building then call to Detonate the bomb.

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Franklin would drive a fire truck to the FIB building and get the crew into fireman's gears. Enter the building, ignore all people standing there and get to the 47th floor. Due to the limited oxygen supply, players need to run fast and carefully. After reaching the 53rd floor, grab the hard drive inside the server room after blowing the door open.

Afterward, escape the building - just follow the rest of the crew and ignore the falling glass. Upon reaching a locked door, an explosion would occur and knock out one of your gunmen. You would need to get both skilled gunmen for them to survive. The player would eventually run into a trap afterward, with multiple FIB agents going after Franklin. Kill them, run to the elevator shaft and rappel down... while evading falling objects.

Once outside the building, the player needs to change into normal clothes and flee the scene via the getaway vehicle.

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Franklin and Michael would head to the NOOSE building, get into a helicopter, fly to the FIB building then drop onto the roof. The crew would explore the building afterward - with the main goal being blowing up the server room's door and hack the server.

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The hired hacker would guide Michael through the process. Below are the correct steps:

  1. Open My Computer.
  2. Select the External Device (J:)
  3. Open HackConnect.exe.
  4. HackConnect.exe is an IP hacking program. The red number combination (e.g. shows the correct combination. The player must select this set of 4 numbers on the screen and has one minute to do so.
  5. Select BruteForce.exe.
  6. BruteForce.exe is a password decryption program. Red letters per column indicate the password. Select them until the word with red letters is formed.
  7. Finally, a program called Down&Out.exe will appear on the menu. Select it and a message such as "Copying file N:\Townley M\PaletoBayBankJob.docu" should be seen. The hacker will take it from there.

A security team would spawn after the hack is deployed - you must fend them off until the download completes. Another chopper and a new squad armed with smoke bombs would arrive eventually. Use Michael's bullet-time ability to deal with them.

Take the cellphone and escape the building after the download is completed. If you have a good hacker, the sprinkler system would be active and reduce enemies' vision. Rappel outside the building and try to get to the ground. During the descent, you would need to deal with yet another chopper - a shot to the head using Michael's ability would do the trick. Kill the enemies on the ground then escape.

3 - Rewards

After the heist, Michael would turn down his share and left. The total reward is always $331,985, with Lester takes his standard 12% ($39,839). To get the maximum revenue, you need to use the Roof Entry, with Rickie Lukens (4%) as the hacker, Taliana Martinez (5%) as the driver, and Daryl Johns (6%) as the gunman. No one would die and there wouldn't be any casualty costs.

GTA 5 the bureau raid best approach is the Roof
  • FIB budget: $331,985
  • Lester's cut (12%): $39,838
  • Crew cut (15%): $49,797
  • Michael's cut: $0
  • Franklin's cut: $242,349

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4 - Gold Medal Objectives


  • Time - Complete within 18:00: Skip all cutscenes and try to complete the tasks ASAP.
  • Abseiler - Abseil down the elevator shaft within 30 seconds: You need to avoid all falling debris.
  • You Missed a Spot - Complete the mopping section within 03:00: Focus on getting the spots marked on the map and quickly planting the bombs.
  • Out of Breath - Escape with 40% oxygen remaining: Try to move to the next objective constantly.
Gta V
GTA 5 the bureau raid crew


  • Time - Complete within 19:00: Pick an experienced driver to complete the mission faster.
  • Hacker - Hack the system within 45 seconds: use the above steps to complete the hack immediately.
  • Perfect Drop - Land perfectly on the main section of the roof: Just have Michael freefall for some time - only open the parachute when he is close to the FIB building.
  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%: Just try to kill agents with headshots only.
  • Headshots - Kill 20 enemies with a headshot: Use Michael's ability in combination with a shotgun for better accuracy.
  • No Innocents - Don't kill any innocent civilians: Avoid shooting any civilians.

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