GRID was having successfully introduction at E3 2019. Many gaming websites described the game as the “Best Racing Game". And that may be the reason why the developer Codemasters decided to have their title released a bit later just to have more time for polishment.

Grid 2019
The latest installment in the TOCA series has been delayed.

Instead of launching on September 13, 2019, GRID will come out a month later, on October 11, 2019. The platforms for the game will be Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It seems like the game will debut as a Stadia title as well.

For those who've already made a pre-order with the Ultimate Edition, don't worry, you will still gain access to the game three days prior to its official release, on October 8. Besides, there will be many exclusive rewards for that edition, including a PS4 theme, Player Banners, special vehicles, Player Cards, three seasons of content, unique costumes, and in-game VIP status.

Developer Codemasters want to use this upcoming title to start a new journey with the franchise. That means GRID will be a reboot and features lots of brand-new contents. For example, there are more than 70 different vehicles in many different classes for players to choose from. Codemasters also announced that players can engage in a story mode, or invite friends to join them on ambitious races across the globe.

GRID 2019 is the first step in building a new foundation for the franchise.

The world of racers in GRID will be significantly expanded, as there will be 12 different additional locations in the game. Indianapolis, Havana, Shanghai and many other well-known places are waiting for you to explore. With different sections provided in each racing track, these locations are now more appealing than ever as it takes several times to enjoy all of them. In addition, the developer mentioned weather mechanics as an important part of the gameplay to bring the best experience to players, including day and night cycles.

New Grid Game First Ever Grid 2019 Gameplay Impres
There are many sections in one racing track for players to explore

With only a month later than the expected launch date, we can assume that Codemasters is doing its best to bring a masterpiece to the gaming community. Mark your calendar on October 11 when GRID hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.