Hunt: Showdown is the name of Crytek’s newest project that is expected to kick up quite a storm of excitement this year. And judging by the trailers and the reviews of those who had played through the game’s demo, we have a lot of reasons to be excited.


Hunt: Showdown is a competitive multiplayer, first-person shooter bounty-hunting game that combines the traditional FPS thrill and mechanisms with the grittiness and relative freedom of survival games.

The game is sectioned into matches where up to ten players - either taking on everyone else solo or team up with another player - compete by hunting down one another as well as monsters lurking in the swamp of Louisiana. Many have described this design to be an exceptional blend of Player-versus-Player (PvP) and Player-versus-Enemy (PvE).

Hunt Showdown Wallpaper 4
The world of Hunt: Showdown is vibrant, yet lethal to all those who are not careful.

Once a bounty is claimed, the player will have to watch out for other hunters on the map as they become instant targets. The game is rigged so that the higher the risk and the stake, the higher your rewards would be.

So you have to watch your surroundings at all time because not only the simplest and briefest mistakes can cost you your life. There’s no respawning. Once you have been shot or maimed, you will lay there permanently. So there will be a lot of heart-stopping moments once the game finally came out.

Of course, the last person (or last team) standing will be the winner and get to go home with all of the gold they had risked their lives to gather.

Hunt 590x333
You can team up with an additional friendly player to take on the challenge of the Louisianan's swamp.

Release date of Hunt: Showdown

The game has officially left its early access phase and is set to release August 20th for Xbox One and PC, with the price tag of $39.99. For those with a PS4, they will have to wait until later this Fall. Physical copies will also be released by Crytek partnering with Koch Media at retailers.

Hunt: Showdown was up for trial on Steam Early Access in February 2018, and Xbox Game Preview three months later in May 2018.

The early access programme serves as a feedback loop for developers to take into consideration players’ suggestions and integrate them into the game. Some 20 updates big and small have been released ever since the programme started, which includes not only bug fixes, but two new maps, two new times of the day, better artificial intelligence, Quick Play, and several new weapons for players to try out.

635114 Hunt Showdown Video Games Creature 748x416
The game has been considerably polished since the start of its early access programme in mid-2018.

Those who have purchased and tested out Hunt: Showdown in its early access phase will receive a special Legendary weapon skin when the game finally hits stores officially.