Recently, Apple and Google have withdrawn Fortnite from their app stores for violating their payment regulations. Players have been unable to download it and instead opted for APK files. However, such a file sometimes doesn't work properly, so one of the most effective solutions is GSM Fix Fortnite

How To Download Gsm Fix Fortnite

Replying to this movement, particularly the removal of the game from the App Store which has prevented tons of users from downloading Fortnite to their iOS devices, Epic Games kicked off the war against these tech giants on both social media and courts. 

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What is Fortnite?

Having the capability of 100 players, Fortnite Battle Royale is a player-versus-player battlefield where they have to start from a “Battle Bus” and then airdrop to the map.

Gsm Fix Fortnite 2

After that, they have to remain themself safe and knock down all of the enemies around the area while still searching for weapons, items, resources, and vehicles if possible. Like Minecraft, Fortnite Creative also permits its players to build their own in-game island and mini-games. 

Was Fortnite removed from the Apple Store?

Absolutely, and no one knows when it will return. 

Why was it banned?

It happened when Fortnite applied a reduced rate for the currency if purchased from Epic Games’ website but not from the App Store. According to the terms of service, Apple will gain a 30% cut of sales from its unique payment system. However, this regulation does not satisfy Epic Games, leading to its violation of the app’s guidelines. 

Apple Ban Fortnite

In order to ease its users, Epic reassured its users by claiming that they are still able to play their pre-downloaded Fortnite on their iOS devices until the next update is released with a few outdated features deleted. 

Have Epic Games sued Apple?

The litigation is still in progress, kicked off by the announcement of Epic that it was not in need of financial compensation. In fact, it is attempting to call for injunctive relief which can achieve fair competition for the two main markets that both have huge impacts on millions of users, as well as more or less than thousands of third-party app developers. 

Epic Games also had its movement by legally insisting that Apple has turned into the figure it once objected to, which is depicted as a behemoth trying to dominate markets, block competition, and prevent innovation. 

Following Apple’s step, Google Play also removed Fortnite from its app store, but no action from Epic is taken yet. 

According to Google’s statement on The Verge, its Android ecosystem welcomes developers’ distribution of their apps through a multitude of app stores. Fairly consistent policies are also implemented on developers using Google Play Store to guarantee users’ safety. 

Therefore, despite Fortnite’s current existence on Android, Google can not keep it on Play for Epic Games’ violation of the aforementioned policies. However, a return opportunity will be promised if the compromise between the two companies is gained. 

What are fans saying on Twitter?

A campaign has been kicked off by Epic to obtain the attention of the netizen, which is started with the hashtag #FreeFortnite. 

Fotnite Players

There are many ideas around this issue, such as the anger of almost users will be illustrated in a tweet challenging Fortnite to a boxing match. Another one tweeted to admit that they want to help, but @FortniteGame can not depend on that virtual power too much. 

Has Fortnite been removed by Google before?

Yes, it was once removed for the same reason. For the first time ever, Fortnite had to instruct its gamers to sideload the app through an installer that was available to be downloaded from the website of the game. But eventually, the issue was solved and the game was brought back to the app store. 

Is there a new Fortnite coming out?

Maybe, because a new map supposed to belong to Fortnite was said to have a special Aquaman world. The information was disclosed by a reliable leaker VollMitBox, and one more thing revealed was the return of some flooded areas. 

New Fortnite

In detail, those areas include Slurpy Swamp, Risky Reels, Craggy Cliffs, and Dirty Docks. The update is supposed to be launched in the next few weeks. Gamers are intrigued more by the leakage of a new section to the northwest of the map namely The Ruins. 

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