Despite GTA 5's massive popularity, if you want to actually get into the franchise, GTA 4 is much better than GTA 5. However, the game has been out for over a decade, and because of that, its graphics and some mechanics are fairly outdated. Mods are the solution to this issue - in this article, we are going to list out the top 10 best GTA 4 mods for PC.

10 - LCPD First Response

Cops have always been a big part of the game, ever since GTA 1 back in the 1990s. However, the police system in GTA 4 is rather outdated, especially if you have played GTA 5. This mod would completely change that by introducing a realistic arrest system. Now you’ll have to be reported and identified before the police send any forces after you.

Furthermore, while running this mod, you’ll also run into the police making arrests and the like throughout the city much more often. This makes Liberty City feel slightly more active and alive.

LCPD First Response
LCPD First Response is one of the most useful GTA 4 Mods For PC.

9 - Snow Mod

The real-life New York City looks the best during winter, with snowfall weather provides a pure white blanket, covering the whole city's sidewalks and dusty ceilings. This Snow Mod introduces a massive snow day to Liberty City, reproduce the magical effect of real-life New York City in GTA IV.

This gives GTA 4 an entirely different atmosphere: Rooftops, roads, windowsills, and trees are all covered in snow - which you can even pick up and throw at NPCs!

8 - HQ GTA V Weapon Pack

If you feel like you don't have enough weapons to use in GTA 4, this GTA 5 weapon pack would definitely be one of your top choices. The mod ports various weapons in GTA 5 and gives them to Niko Bellic. The Assault Rifle, Double Barrel Shotgun, Carbine Rifle, and Micro SMG are only some of the fantastic guns included in this pack.

HQ GTA V Weapon Pack
HQ GTA V Weapon Pack Mod

7 - Spiderman IV

You can turn into Marvel's Spider-Man using this mod. Before there was Marvel’s Spider-Man, modders had to make do with what they had. Spiderman IV will let you swing around the GTA IV version of New York as the famous Marvel hero, with incredibly well-made animations.

Furthermore, the mod also gives you Spider-Man's superpower, Spider-Sense, which warns you of nearby dangers like the police or shootouts between gangs.

6 - Realistic Driving & Flying

Vehicles are one of the essential parts of any GTA game. While GTA 4 is certainly decent, it still has room to improve. The Realistic Driving & Flying mod will implement massive handling improvements for each of the 170 vehicles present in Liberty City individually.

The modder gave each car a customized center of mass, plus other variables that interact with the game’s physics, to create more realistic handling. Driving definitely feels better with this mod installed.

Realistic Driving & Flying
Realistic Driving & Flying Mod is one of the most realistic GTA 4 mods for PC.

5 - Ultimate Textures

Graphics mod is important if you want a more appealing and realistic GTA experience. You will spend a lot of time running or driving over them after all. The Ultimate Textures mod replaces several textures all around Liberty City, from vehicles to roads.

The best improvement, however, is made to road asphalt textures. Overall, they look intricately detailed, almost lifelike.

4 - GTA 4 Beautification Project – Graphical Overhaul

This mod is a beautification project to improve all aspects of graphics in GTA 4. It has Custom ENB settings with a more natural look, which makes GTA 4 less muddy. SMAA and reflections added - these are modern features that aren't included in GTA 4's base game.

The best part about Beautification Project is that it does not affect the performance of your PC at all.

GTA 4 Beautification Project – Graphical Overhaul
GTA 4 Beautification Project does not affect performance at all.

3 - GTA Environment Mod

This is one of the most popular mods to improve the game's environment. GTA Environment Mod focuses on providing more natural lighting, making the game look more realistic. All weather types are manually tweaked one by one - this results in more sophisticated reflective surfaces and better shadow calculations.

All water reflections are improved as well. With this mod installed, you can look up to the sky and find gorgeous HD cloud textures staring back down.

2 - Ultimate Graphic Tweak

This mod is best used in combination with the previously mentioned GTA Environment Mod. Ultimate Graphic Tweak adds several post-processing effects to GTA IV’s graphics, including better motion blur and depth of field effects.

Ultimate Graphic Tweak
Ultimate Graphic Tweak Mod

It also gets rid of low-quality dotted shadows in favor of more realistic-looking and smoother ones. However, you might be hit with a sizable performance cost.

1 - American Sleep

This is a compilation of GTA 4 Mods For PC that come packaged together to tell a story. It is one of the only mods that comes with its own story. American Sleep picks up right after GTA IV, with protag emptied his whole bank account during the main campaign and is currently completely broke.

American Sleep also adds various survival elements, including Basic Needs like eating and staying hydrated. You'll have to learn how to survive poverty in Liberty City and climb back to the top, with the world having a lot of bizarre new mechanics.

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