In spite of being released more than six years ago, Grand Theft Auto V is still a very hot title nowadays. The missions in Grand Theft Auto V are still interesting, even when you compare them with missions from other AAA titles being released in this year. Recently, a lot of you guys have sent us questions about the BZ Gas Grenades mission in the game.

gta 5 gas
This is the 15th mission of GTA V

GTA 5 BZ Gas Grenades is a small mission in the game, but doing it perfectly is not something all Grand Theft Auto V can do. That is why this article will give you the help you need to perfectly execute this mission, as well as some fun facts about this mission in the game.

Overview of the GTA 5 BZ Gas Grenades mission

This mission is a small robbery to set up for a much bigger mission in the later part of the game. This robbery is given to the main character Michael De Santa, by Lester Crest. This mission starts with a message from the phone of Lester Crest whenever they have done choosing Smart approach for The Jewel Store Job robbery.

Just after the players completing the Casing the Jewel Store mission, this mission is activated. Another way to trigger this mission is to play the Bugstars Equipment before the BZ Gas Grenades mission is unlocked in the game. At the beginning of the mission, Lester Crest will send a text message to Michael De Santa to inform him about a Humane van traveling across the state daily to transport the goods to the airport (Lester Crest can directly call Michael De Santa to give him this information, does not matter).

gta 5 gas
Get the goods from the van

The goods in that Humane van is the BZ gas grenades, and you need to get those grenades. After receiving the information from Lester Crest, there will be an H icon showing up on your radar. After arriving at the H icon on your radar, you will be given instructions to take those BZ gas grenades. At this point, you will have two options: you can steal the whole van, or you can just shoot the back doors of the van and take away those BZ gas grenades (you should shoot the back doors, we will tell you why in the next part of this article).

gta 5 gas
Get away from the cops after getting the goods

After acquiring those BZ gas grenades, just head to the garment factory and meet Lester Crest. After seeing those BZ gas grenades, Lester Crest will compliment you on successfully finishing the robbery, as well as notify the whole crew that the plan for the big robbery is completed. End of the GTA V BZ Gas Grenades mission.

gta 5 gas
Take the goods to the garment factory

Objectives of the GTA 5 BZ Gas Grenades mission

Steal the BZ Gas Grenades or take the whole Humane van (with the goods inside)

Get away from the Cops.

Take those BZ grenades to the garment factory and meet Lester Crest.

Gold Medal Objectives of the GTA 5 BZ Gas Grenades mission

Loose Cargo – Take the BZ Gas Grenades away by shooting the back doors of the van

To be fair, this mission’s Gold Medal objective is really easy to achieve. However, once you start firing the back doors, there will be a Boxville of the guards showing up. If you just get the BZ grenades and then go, you will get one star. But if you shoot even one guard in the Boxville, you will get at least three stars.

Other tips for the GTA 5 BZ Gas Grenades mission

Besides just being cautious with the guards in the Boxville, you also should prepare a high-speed getaway route, as well as a fast car - a sports car is an excellent option. However, this is actually necessary if you mistakenly kill the guard before you steal the BZ Gas Grenades inside the van.

A pretty smart way to do this mission is that you use the special ability of Michael De Santa to shoot the driver of the van with a shotgun or a pistol. To do this, you have to park your car in front of the van with a far enough distance, get out of your car, and accurately shoot the driver. After that, you know what to do next.

Soundtrack of the GTA 5 BZ Gas Grenades mission