One of the most thrilling missions of Grand Theft Auto V is surely the GTA 5 Minor Turbulence. This mission has all kinds of actions for the players, from piloting more than one plane, shooting, crashing the planes, and parachuting. Since there are so many kinds of action-packed in GTA V Minor Turbulence, this is also one of the hardest mission of the game to gain the gold medal. And that is why we are here.

First of all, if you guys are not familiar, GTA V Minor Turbulence is called GTA 5 cargo plane mission most of the time, so we will use that name in this article. Second, this mission is a solo mission for the main character Trevor Philips, but it can only be ignited by Franklin Clinton at Michael De Santa's house. Without keeping you guys waiting any longer, we will come to GTA V cargo plane mission now.

Walkthrough of GTA 5 cargo plane mission

When Franklin Clinton get to the house of Michael De Santa, he sees that there is no one in the house, so he makes a phone call for Michael De Santa. Via this phone call, Franklin Clinton discovers the terrible situation of Michael and Trevor Philips. After hanging up the phone, Trevor Philips talks to Ron about the business, and Ron reveals with Trevor about a promising rob. If they succeed, they can have a huge number of weapons from the Merryweather airplane.

minor turbulence gta 5
Trevor and Ron talking about the rob

Trevor Philips and Ron then head to McKenzie Airfield in Grapeseed, and from here Trevor Philips controls the Duster plane to chase after the Merryweather cargo plane. During this chase, you should fly at low height along the San Andreas coast to avoid the radar of the fort at Braddock Pass. When you are completely out of the radar’s reach, you can safely fly closer to the Merryweather cargo plane.

minor turbulence gta 5
Flying close to the the Merryweather cargo plane

Once Trevor Philips gets close to the cargo plane, the pilot will demand Trevor to change the flying course, but of course, the character did not listen. That is why the rear doors of the cargo plane will open, and there will be rockets fired by agents of the Merryweather. After avoiding those rockets, Trevor hits the Duster plane into the Merryweather cargo plane and kills all the agents inside the cargo plane. Trevor then processes to climb up and finishes the pilot of the Merryweather.

Screenshot 6
Shooting inside the the Merryweather cargo plane

But just shortly after Trevor has the control of the Merryweather cargo plane, there are two fighter jets of the US Air Force showing up. The mission of these jets is to escort the Merryweather cargo plane to Fort Zancudo. Trevor, as usual, does not follow the order from those pilots. That is why those jets will shoot down the Merryweather cargo plane. At this point, Trevor takes a parachute and jump out, while the plane crashes down to the Alamo Sea.

Screenshot 4
Crashing down the plane

Mission Objectives of GTA 5 cargo plane mission

  • Get inside the Duster plane.
  • Fly to the Merryweather cargo plane.
  • Follow the Merryweather cargo plane while staying close to the ground.
  • Fly close to the rear of the Merryweather cargo plane.
  • Fly inside the Merryweather cargo plane.
  • Finish the guards.
  • Finish the pilot and seize the control of the cargo plane
  • Fly the Merryweather cargo plane back to McKenzie Field.
  • Climb to a safe altitude to jump from the Merryweather plane. (If flying the Cargo Plane too low)
  • Jump from the Merryweather cargo plane.
  • Land to the ground safely.

Gold Medal Objectives of GTA 5 cargo plane mission

Accuracy - Finish this GTA 5 plane mission with a shooting accuracy of at least 80%

  • Using a shotgun, which will increase your accuracy in close combat.
  • Staying alive (yeah, we know we don't need to remind about this, but better be safe than sorry).
  • Reaching the Merryweather cargo plane from underneath.
  • Using the special ability of Trevor once you are inside the plane.
  • Equipping yourself with full armor before the mission.

Four Wheel Flier - Exit the cargo plane in the Mesa.

  • Exit the Mesa and then parachute after getting out of the plane, don't wait in the Mesa until it hits the ground.
  • The Mesa that is closest to the cockpit will stay inside the plane no matter what, so you don't need to bother about other Mesa.