The 61st mission of Grand Theft Auto V - GTA 5 Cleaning Out The Bureau – is just a small mission in the game. But then, very few of us can achieve the gold medal for this mission. In this article, we will help you get the gold medal for GTA V Cleaning Out The Bureau, as well as provide you with some fun facts of this mission. Without keeping you waiting any further, we go to the mission right now.

Overview of the GTA 5 Cleaning Out The Bureau

GTA V Cleaning Out The Bureau is the first part of the fifth big heist mission in Grand Theft Auto V (which is the Bureau Raid). Originally, this mission is on the mission list of character Lester Crest, but then it is carried out by the main character Michael De Santa. When Michael De Santa gets himself to Darnell Bros, he sees Lester Crest there. A short moments later, two FIB agents - Dave Norton and Steve Haines – join them.

gta 5 clean
Michael De Santa, Lester Crest, Dave Norton, and Steve Haines talking at the beginning of the mission

Steve Haines tells everyone that the evidence about his illegal activities has been in the FIB, so he needs Michael De Santa to eliminate the evidence for him since he can’t do that himself anymore. In return for the help of Michael De Santa, Steve Haines will delete all the files of FIB about Michael De Santa by himself.

Michael De Santa takes the job, but he also warns Steve Haines that he will not work with Haines anymore in the future. Steve Haines agrees and then leaves with Dave Norton, while Michael De Santa and Lester Crest take a drive to FIB Headquarters. Along the way to the Headquarters of FIB, Lester Crest brainstorms the plan. They will enter the headquarters by disguising as janitors of the building.

gta 5 clean
Brainstorming the plan while driving to the FIB Headquarters

When arriving at the parking garage of the Headquarters of FIB, a janitor – Harvey Molina – shows up, and then the two characters follow Harvey Molina back to his apartment (located on Las Lagunas Boulevard, West Vinewood). Once the two characters get to the apartment of Harvey Molina, Michael De Santa buys the ID of this janitor and other relating papers. After the purchase, the two characters head back to Darnell Bros, where the main character, Franklin Clinton, is waiting for them.

gta 5 clean
The janitor Harvey Molina and Michael De Santa inside Harvey Molina's apartment

Besides the ID and papers of Harvey Molina, they still need to have the architectural plans of the FIB headquarters to execute the mission. Those plans are being kept by Chip Peterson, the architect of the building. Franklin Clinton tells Michael De Santa that he will follow Chip Peterson to get the architectural plans. After the phone call, GTA 5 Cleaning Out The Bureau ends.

Mission objectives of GTA 5 Cleaning Out The Bureau:

  • Get to the Headquarter  Building of FIB
  • Wait for the car of Harvey Molina
  • Follow Harvey Molina
  • Follow Harvey Molina into his apartment
  • Get back in your car after buying ID and papers from Harvey Molina
  • Get to the garment factory
  • Get to the office.

Gold Medal Objectives of GTA 5 Cleaning Out The Bureau:

  • Eagle Eye - Check all license plates while you wait for Harvey Molina. All you need to do is to zoom in on all license plates during the time you wait for Harvey Molina.
  • He Missed a Spot - Follow Harvey Molina back to his apartment without being spotted. All you need to do is to stay at least two cars behind Harvey Molina.
  • Time - Complete the mission within 09:00. You just need to skip all cutscenes of the mission.