GTA 5 Derailed is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V that is performed by Trevor Philips with the help of Michael De Santa, and today we’ll be going over how to complete this mission and get the Gold Medal. Without further ado, let’s hop straight in:

GTA V Derailed Mission Walkthrough

The mission begins as Michael enters Trevor’s trailer and meets with Ron Jakowski. As the two are exchanging quips, Trevor also reaches the facility and they have a conversation during which you learn that Merryweather Security is delivering something valuable by train. Trevor wants Michael to help him steal it.

Derailed Cover
Let's see how you can get the gold medal in this mission

After this initial cutscene, you’ll take control of Trevor. Get on the Sanchez and follow the GPS to get to the railroad behind the train. Now, stick to the right side of the railroad, and soon enough you’ll find that there is an elevated dirt road that you can take to put yourself in a higher position. From there, you have 3 tries to jump on top of the train. Once you do that, drive across the carriages to reach the engine. Trevor will then knock down the driver and assume control of the train and drive it right past the station that it was supposed to stop at.

GTA 5 Train Mission: Derailed Walkthrough

Now, you will be switched to Michael, who is on a Dinghy. Go toward the nearby train bridge and another cutscene will play out: Trevor has run straight into another train, resulting in a massive crash and causing railcars from both vehicles to spill off the bridge. Luckily, Trevor has also managed to jump off in time into the water. As Michael, you now have to approach the orange container and blow off its door to get the payload.

Gta 5 Derailed
A terrible accident will happen. Luckily, Trevor manages to escape

Right then, Merryweather helicopters, boats, and snipers will start coming in, so it’s up to Trevor to deal with them while Michael unloads the payload. There are three waves of enemies in total, and the game is generous enough to give you a giant log right there for a bit of cover, so we highly recommend that you make good use of it.

The first wave will involve some helicopters and boats. Just take them down as soon as you see them. Do note that helicopters will be coming from both sides of the river, so avoid tunnel vision.

During the second wave, gunmen will appear on top of the bridge. You can snipe them down relatively easily with a Sniper Rifle with Thermal Vision on.

Gta V Train Mission
Use the log next to you for cover and fend off the incoming enemies

For the final wave, there will be another helicopter and a couple of guys parachuting down the mountainside. Take care of the chopper first, and then use the Sniper Rifle again for the rest.

Once Michael is finished with the payload, Trevor also jumps into the Dinghy and the pair must now try to reach the ocean to make an escape. For this part, you can either control Michael to drive the boat or Trevor to fend off the pursuers.

Whichever way you choose, the mission will be finished when you get to open water and reach the waypoint on the beach. At this point, a final cutscene will play out, during which our protagonists open the package to reveal an ancient artifact.

Derailed 84
You'll discover that the package contains an ancient artifact at the end

Derailed GTA 5 Gold Medal Objectives:

There are 3 things you must do if you want to get the Gold Medal:

Time: Finish the mission in 11 minutes 30 seconds or less

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You’ll have to skip all the cutscenes in order to do this.

Fastest Speed - Reach top speed on the Sanchez

When you land on the top of the train as Trevor, go full speed toward its head. Try to maintain proper control of the Sanchez, otherwise you’ll fall off.

Derailed Gta V
Just go full speed toward the engine to achieve this objective. Do try to manage your vehicle properly to avoid falling off

Better than CJ – Get on the train with the first jump

For this, you need to let go of the throttle BEFORE hitting jump so that you won’t jump at full speed. Going too fast would send you flying over the train.

Gta 5 Train Mission
Going too fast will send you flying over the train

And that wraps up everything you need to know to get the gold medal in GTA 5 Derailed. For more Grand Theft Auto-related articles, check out our previous coverage.