Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most eagerly awaited releases of the decade, marking the end of a ten-year gap in new main entries for the series. This hiatus followed years of the enduring popularity of Grand Theft Auto Online, making Rockstar's upcoming title, their largest since Red Dead Redemption 2, highly anticipated. The challenge of living up to the iconic games that came before it is significant, but fans are optimistic that Grand Theft Auto 6 will make a significant impact in the gaming world when it eventually launches.

Rockstar has kept Grand Theft Auto 6 shrouded in mystery since major leaks provided insights into the game's development status at the time. While limited information is available beyond the leaked details, it is almost certain that the next GTA installment will follow the series' tradition of innovation. Considering the growing controversies surrounding the highly successful Grand Theft Auto 5, it has become evident that leaving behind some of its less popular features could enable Grand Theft Auto 6 to truly stand out.

Simplified Physics

The realistic "ragdoll" physics introduced in Grand Theft Auto 4 continue to be impressive even today, although criticism mainly centers around the heavy driving mechanics for lighter vehicles.

Gta 6 Protagonist

In response, Grand Theft Auto 5 noticeably toned down its physics overall, making driving more accessible to players of various skill levels and ages. However, the simplified physics in the fifth installment can sometimes break immersion, especially during actions like jumping out of a moving vehicle, which are far less realistic compared to Grand Theft Auto 4. Grand Theft Auto 6 presents an ideal chance to strike a balance between these systems.

Highly Scripted Story Missions

The open-world crime simulation genre has often fallen into the trap of linear mission design, and Grand Theft Auto 5 is no exception, as it heavily embraces this approach. Unlike Grand Theft Auto 4, the fifth installment guides players more closely, introducing numerous fail states that are easily triggered by deviating even slightly from the intended path in its story missions.

Lestercrest Gtao Artwork
A lot of GTA Missions are scripted

For instance, an early mission like "Chop" exemplifies this flaw, where almost every action the player takes feels constrained and predetermined from start to finish. This kind of rigid storytelling through gameplay raises the question of why a cutscene wouldn't suffice, leaving players to ponder the need for such strict linearity. In the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6, which might continue the series' multiple protagonist system, incorporating meaningful player choices could enhance this mechanic more than ever, offering players a sense of genuine agency in the game's narrative.

GTA Online’s Grind

Although Grand Theft Auto 5 initially served as a critique of modern capitalism and a cynical portrayal of the "American dream," its online component has ironically embraced these criticisms by heavily focusing on monetization in the long run. To keep up with new content, players are forced into a harsh grind that demands countless hours, and Grand Theft Auto Online has increasingly relied on Shark Card microtransactions over time.

Gta Online Artwork
GTA Online has too much grinding

The game's repetitive tasks, such as manually delivering shipments or engaging in endless corporate takeover missions, can quickly lead to boredom, leaving players longing for more from a series that was once known for its boldness in the gaming industry. While it's highly unlikely that Rockstar will abandon the highly profitable GTA Online for Grand Theft Auto 6, fans can only hope that the next game's online mode will be much more accessible.

Features GTA 6 should take from RDR 2

Improved gunplay

Despite the range of gunplay options available in GTA V and Online, many players have criticized it as being basic and a step back from the gunplay in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Red Dead Redemption 2 1539068821313 48cb_wm
GTA 6 could definitely use a more sophisticated combat system

This is an area where fans are hoping to see improvement in the upcoming game. While no shooting mechanics are perfect, Red Dead Redemption 2's implementation of firing different weapons felt distinct and impactful.

If Rockstar Games implements this gameplay feature in Grand Theft Auto 6, it has the potential to substantially improve the entire experience.

Max Payne 3, which is renowned for its amazing shooting mechanics and is recognized as one of the greatest in the action-adventure genre, could also serve as inspiration for the game.

Seamless random events

It's usual to come across strangers in need of help while exploring Red Dead Redemption 2's large open environment. These interactions frequently take unexpected turns, putting the player's character in perilous positions. The smooth transition from free-roaming to a scripted event in Red Dead Redemption 2 is a gameplay feature that should be incorporated into GTA 6.

3446204 Red Dead Redemption 2 Screenshot 1
Red Dead 2's random encounters can take unexpected turns.

Grand Theft Auto V already has a similar but rudimentary mechanic in the form of Strangers and Freaks. By taking inspiration from Red Dead Redemption 2 and improving upon this mechanic, the overall experience of Grand Theft Auto 6 could be significantly enhanced.

In-depth NPC interaction

Red Dead Redemption introduced an innovative feature allowing players to greet, antagonize, or rob non-playable characters (NPCs), eliciting varied reactions based on their behavior. Polite players might receive assistance, while those being rude or threatening could face hostility or legal consequences. This mechanic added an unparalleled level of realism and immersion, enhancing the appeal of open-world games significantly.

While Red Dead Redemption 2 incorporated a similar system, it was set in the less densely populated Wild West, unlike a bustling modern city such as Vice City. However, observing the abundance of NPCs and the implemented system in Saint Denis within Red Dead Redemption 2 gives hope that this feature could potentially be integrated into GTA VI, providing a similar level of depth and realism.

The NPC interactions in RDR 2 was fairly interesting.

If they were to include this feature in GTA VI, it would cement their position as the masters of open-world gaming tbh, for me personally they are already but I also know that many felt otherwise with RDR2 because of the wild west niche thing.

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