There is a total of 69 main missions in GTA 5. Marriage Counseling is the #6 mission of GTA V that includes Michael and Fraklin. In this guide, we will help you walk through the mission and tips to achieve the Gold Medal.

The mission objectives of the GTA 5 Marriage Counseling mission:

- Get in the truck.

- Chasing the tennis coach, Kyle.

- Drive to the canyon.

- Takedown the house.

- Head back to Michael's house.

- Lose Madrazo's hitmen.

gta5 mission 6
GTA V has a total of 69 main missions

The requirements to get the Gold Medal for the GTA V Marriage Counseling Mission:

- Not a Scratch: Finish the mission without damaging the Bison too much.

- Mision Time: Finish the mission within the 5:30 time.

- Drive-By Killer: Kill 3 enemies while you are inside a vehicle.

Part 1 - Driving

gta5 mission 6
Chase after the tennis coach to a mansion

At the start of GTA 5 mission 6, after the initial cutscene, get into the truck and try to chase after the tennis coach who is driving a red car. You won't be able to catch him so just keep tracking him. Also, don't try to harm him in any way.

During the chase, you will see a van blocking the road. This is unavoidable so you will just have to wait until it gets out of your way. You can also shot one or two bullets to make it leave faster. You will lose track of the red card but keep going and you will see a yellow highlight on the GPS. Follow it to the destination.

Part 2: Taking Down The House

gta 5 missions 6
Pull down the house with the truck

Now, there will be another cutscene. After that, get in the truck, and accelerate it until the house falls down. It will take you 3 tugs to do that.

Part 3: Drive-By Killer

gta 5 missions 6
After you have reached Micheal's house, the mission will be completed

After the house has been taken down, drive the truck back to Michael's house and you will receive a phone call the tennis coach telling you that it is not his house. After that, you will find 2 cars chasing you and shooting at you. Don't try to run away, stop the car instead and shoot them when they get close. Just try to kill all of them as fast as possible and your truck will be fine for the Not a Scratch achievement.

After that, drive the truck to your house and park it near the garage to complete the GTA V Marriage Counseling mission.


- You will need to finish this mission as fast as possible so it is necessary for you to skip all the cutscenes to achieve the Mission Time medal.

- Drive the truck carefully and don't take shortcuts.

- If you have sticky bombs, use them to kill the enemies faster.

Interesting Facts

gta 5 missions 6
This is the house from the Lethal Weapon 2 movie

- The opening cutscene will be different depending on which character the player is playing when it starts.

- The house destroying scene was actually inspired by a movie in 1989 called Lethal Weapon 2. The movie has a scene where a hillside house in Los Angeles collapsed after its support beams were pulled away by a pickup truck.

- If it wasn't for the GTA 5 mission 6, the rest of the game wouldn't happen.

- Players can choose to ditch the truck after pulling the house down and take another vehicle. This way the mission will still be completed.

- After this mission, if Michael decides to call Amanda, he will be revealed that Kyle, the tennis coach, has fled Los Santos to get away from Michael.

Now that is everything you need to know about GTA V Marriage Counseling mission.