In today’s article, we will be walking you through GTA 5 Predator. And just to be clear, “Predator” is the name of a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, not to be confused with the GTA 5 Predator Mod which allows you to actually play as a Predator from the classic 1987 action sci-fi movie of the same name. This mission is performed by Trevor Philips with the help of Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa.

Gta Predator
No, we won't be talking about the mod that allows you to play as a Predator here. You can easily find everything you need to know about this mod with a quick Google search, though.

GTA V Predator Mission Description

This mission can be initiated by any of the 3 main characters, but beginning with Franklin will allow you to skip the starting cutscene. In any case, when the mission begins, you’ll be controlling Franklin who is chasing the remaining O'Neil brothers. Franklin phones Trevor to tell him that he’s on the Great Ocean Highway near North Chumash, and the latter tells him that he and Michael are going to Sandy Shores Airfield to get the helicopter.

The O'Neil brothers get to Raton Canyon with our protagonist still hot on their heels. An elk suddenly appears on the road and they swerve to dodge it, resulting in their car rolling down a hill and catching fire. Franklin arrives and investigates the crash site with his dog Chop, only to find out that his targets have escaped into the forest. He then calls Trevor to ask for air support.

Predator Gta 5
Franklin investigates the crash site with his dog Chop. Upon finding the burning car empty, he calls Trevor to ask for air support

Now, you’ll switch control to Trevor, who arrives at Sandy Shores Airfield with Michael, gets on the Frogger, and flies to Franklin's location. Upon getting there, you’ll snipe down the O'Neils as Michael using a thermal-scoped sniper rifle. To complicate the matters, the area is full of deer, and they emit similar thermal signatures to your targets, so you must aim carefully. Fun fact: When aiming for your targets, you can also spot a Bigfoot standing still at the bottom right corner. The creature will immediately disappear when you see it, though, and shooting at it does nothing. This is purely an Easter Egg.

Eventually, Michael manages to kill Wynn and Walton, but the last one, Elwood, has taken shelter behind a rock and has started firing rockets at the helicopter, preventing Michael from shooting him. That’s where Franklin and Chop come into the play again. Following Chop’s lead, Franklin easily finds Elwood, forcing him to abandon his cover and make a run for it. At this point, you can either chase him down as Franklin or switch to Michael to kill him from the helicopter.

GTA 5 Mission 50: Predator

Whichever way you choose, once Elwood is dead, you’ll be switched back to Trevor, and now you simply have to pick up Franklin and Chop and return to Sandy Shores Airfield, and the mission is completed.

GTA V Predator Gold Medal Objectives

Time – Finish the mission within 9 minutes.

  • You’ll have to skip all the cutscenes for this. Also, to make this achievement a bit easier, you should start the mission with Franklin. After his call, switch to him to begin the chase.

Accuracy – Have a shot accuracy of 70% or higher at the end of the mission.

Headshots – Eliminate 3 enemies with a headshot.

  • This can be done by using Michael’s special ability.

Predator Gta 5 Headshot
Some Gold Medal objectives include getting an accuracy of at least 70% and headshotting at least 3 enemies

Thin the Herd - Don't kill any animals.

  • This one is pretty self-explanatory. Just avoid killing any deer in the area.

And that concludes our walkthrough for GTA 5 Predator Mission. For more GTA-related news and guides, check out our previous coverage.