GTA 5 The Paleto Score or GTA 5 Paleto Bay Heist is the 4th heist mission executed by Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, and Franklin Clinton. In this guide, we will show you how to finish this mission and get the Gold Medal. To unlock The Paleto Score GTA 5, you need to finish mission #50 Military Gear and mission #51 Predator first.

The mission objectives of GTA 5 The Paleto Score:

  • Drive to Paleto Bay.
  • Park the car near the entrance of the bank.
  • Get inside the bank.
  • Go to the vault.
  • Kill all the cops.
  • Take down the helicopter.
  • Take down the fence.
  • ­Hold off the military.
  • Drive the bulldozer to Michale and Trevor
  • Get to the factory
  • Get to the railway platform.
  • Go inside the train.

The requirements to get the Gold Medal for GTA 5 Paleto Bay Heist:

This guide will help you finish this mission with 100% Gold Medal

  • Let it Rain: Fire more than 4000 bullets.
  • Accuracy: Having at least 50% accuracy.
  • Time: Finish the mission in less than 16:00.
  • Collateral Damage: Done a total of $1 million damage in Paleto Bay.

Part 1: The robbery

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Drop Franklin off at the yellow mark

After the meeting ends, you will be playing as Michael. Get into the van and drive to Paleto Bay in the Northen part of the map. Drop Franklin off the yellow mark on the map and then proceed to the front entrance of the bank. You go inside, wait for the vault gate to break and go there.

Part 2: Shooting

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Just use Trevor to blow up all the cars

After a while, you will be switched to Trevor and armed with a minigun. Now, this part is the most fun in the GTA 5 The Paleto Score mission. It's best to stay playing Trevor and unload your minigun into the cops. This is also how you can finish the Let it Rain requirement. The easiest way to take down all the cops is to focus on their cars. The cars are big so you can hit them easily. Plus you need to deal as much damage as possible to Paleto Bay for the Gold Medal. Your armor is very durable so you don't need to worry too much about getting shot. However, don't be too reckless as if you get shot too many times, you will lose a part of the stolen money.

Gta 5 Pc Mission 52 The Paleto Score Gold Medal Gu
Take down the helicopter to move on to the next phase

Soon, you will find a helicopter flying above you. Take it down. Follow your buddies and you will see a fence. Destroy it. From now on, things will get much worse. Enemies will be coming continuously with more cops and even SWAT soldiers. Try to hold them off for a while with either Trevor or Michael.

A military cargo helicopter will come after some time, use Trevor to take it down quickly.

Part 3: Escape

After you have taken down the chopper, follow your buddies to escape. If you see any cop or soldier, kill them all. It is better to use Michael in this phase because he has better accuracy to hit small targets and has a suitable special skill.

Gta 5 Pc Mission 52 The Paleto Score Gold Medal Gu
They will bring tanks to deal with you

As soon as you see the military bringing a tank to you. If you have a good gunman, he will tell you to split up so Trevor and Michael can escape easily. Now, it's Franklin's turn to act.

As Franklin, drive the bulldozer that he stole along the street to pick up Trevor and Micheal. If you see any jeep and soldier blocking your way, just tip over the jeep and run over the solider. You can also use a gun to take them down. After Michael and Trevor get in, go to the Factory, ignoring any tanks on the way.

Gta 5 Pc Mission 52 The Paleto Score Gold Medal Gu
You can run over them or use your gun

When walking inside the factory, you would want to play as either Michael or Trevor because Franklin doesn't have any kind of protection. Just walk along the hallway in the factory to get to the railway platform and kill any enemy you encounter.

Gta 5 Pc Mission 52 The Paleto Score Gold Medal Gu
The mission ends when the train comes

The GTA V The Paleto Score mission will end when the train comes.

Tips for GTA V The Paleto Score

  • To complete GTA 5 the Paleto Score quickly, you need to skip all the cutscenes.
  • When you have reached the factory, you use Trevor to unload all the bullets in the minigun to destroy some tanks for Collateral Damage and Let it Rain requirements of GTA V Paleto Score.