The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the biggest in the history of gaming.  The beloved plans to release its 6th main installment very soon. A few days ago, leaks about the alleged maps of GTA 6 stirred up the game's fanbase.

gta 6 map leak real or fake
Is the GTA 6 map leak credible?

The map is one of the most important aspects of an open-world game like GTA 6. So, it's easy to understand why just a minor leak of what's coming could set the whole community ablaze. Let's check whether the supposed portion of the GTA 6 map is real or just a hoax.

Is the GTA 6 Map Leak Real?

The supposedly new map of GTA 6 was initially leaked on 4chan and later broken down in more detail on the game forum. The map looks like an island and resembles parts of the map from GTA Vice City.

The leaked image looks like an island

That's also what excited people the most. The inclusion of the old Vice City map may further evidence the retro theme. According to several enthusiasts, the map takes after an older leak from 2018.

map miami gta 6
Some say it resembles Miami

However, since neither leaks have received confirmation from Rockstar Games, so don't too hard for them just yet. The leaks may be the works of the game's fans, who have been creating their own concepts for years.

massive map gta 6
The map is massive

Rockstar Games has yet confirmed the development of GTA 6, not to speak of the new map. Those in support of the leaks take the case of Red Dead Redemption II as an example. The game's map was also leaked ahead of release.

gta 6 map leak scale
Check out the scale of the map

What to be noted here is that Red Dead Redemption II has been scheduled for a release. Meanwhile, Rockstar Games has not announced anything officially in terms of GTA 6.