Information about the GTA 6 trailer leak has surfaced, with a comprehensive timeline of events and the individuals involved shared on Twitter. The revelation offers GTA fans an unexpected peek into the behind-the-scenes of the leak.

Preparing the scene

The premature leak of the GTA 6 trailer will be remembered as a historic event, not only within the gaming community but also in Internet lore. It came as a shock to both fans and developers alike. Amidst the chaos of that memorable evening, some fans were eager to uncover the circumstances behind how it occurred.

Gta 6 Trailer Leak
Information about the GTA 6 trailer leak has surfaced.

Many people believed the leak came from YouTube. Other game leaks happened before on YouTube too. They thought maybe a YouTube or Google worker leaked it. They thought someone inside would fix it.

According to Insider Gaming, Google started an investigation after the GTA VI trailer leaked. It's not confirmed, but it supports the idea that a Google worker or someone else took the video from Rockstar's YouTube channel.

Where GTA 6 leaked trailer came from

Following that, ZachXBT, a crypto scam detective renowned on Twitter, has unveiled a detailed account of how the leak occurred on December 4th, 2023.

Zach claims that the individual responsible for the leak is Skenkir, a "threat actor." This person allegedly bought access to a YouTube admin panel, which provides complete access to all videos on channels, even private ones. Zach posted a screenshot of the trailer's admin panel, visible to Google employees. The amount paid to the supposed Google employee remains undisclosed.

GTA 6 leak timeline

At 20:50/51 UTC, Skenkir informed someone that they possessed the GTA VI trailer and intended to leak it with a watermark saying BUY $BTC. True to their words, the leaked trailer did feature a text overlay urging viewers to buy Bitcoin. Additionally, Skenkir expressed uncertainty about where they could share the trailer widely.

At 20:58, Skenkir provided an unidentified contact with a "little sneak peek," sending them the logo and release year still from the trailer. Exactly one hour later, the trailer was uploaded to Twitter under the account @Gta6trailerleak. It quickly garnered millions of views before Take-Two Interactive intervened with copyright enforcement.

Zach further revealed that Skenkir has a history of engaging in criminal activities for quite some time. According to the detective, Skenkir has been involved in more than 40 prominent cases of SIM swapping, with targets including individuals like Steve Aoki. These incidents have all occurred within the past year or thereabouts.

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