GTA 6 Release Date is set for the Fall of 2025. The game publisher, Take-Two Interactive, also confirmed this schedule. Check out what you can expect in this new edition here.

GTA 6 Release Date

GTA 6's release date is scheduled for the Fall of 2025 instead of Spring as some rumors. Take-Two Interactive unveiled this schedule on the latest earning calls of 2024 yesterday. It causes a stir in the communities of GTA. You can expect to experience the new GTA installment sometime between September and mid-December.

Gta 6
GTA 6 will arrive in Autumn next year.

Though they didn't clarify the date of the launch, it still leaves fans of Grand Theft Auto excited. Strauss Zelnick, Chairman and CEO of Take-Two Interactive also unveiled that GTA 6 will bring players a different entertainment experience. They are also increasingly expecting that GTA 6 will have a great commercial impact when it arrives next year.

What To Expect In GTA 6

From the latest teasers, Jason and Lucia are the two protagonists in the upcoming installment of GTA. This open-world Role-playing game will be set in two cities, including Florida-based Leonida City and Vice City inspired by Miami's beach city.

Gta 6 Protagonist
Lucia will be one of the two protagonists of the next installment.

Rockstar promises to bring fans of this series an "unparalleled experience" with missions referencing some iconic movies, realistic in-game races, heists, and fights. Following the success of GTA 5, which has successful sales of over 200 million copies, Take-Two stated their expectations about the sales of the sixth product.

There will be no delay in the Fall's release next year, so GTA players can expect the pre-order command soon. Stay tuned for further updates and the latest news about the GTA series on

Gta 6 Cities
It will feature two cities: Leonida and Vice City.

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