GTA Online: Bottom Dollar Bounties is the next weekly update set for June 25th. After Dr. Dre's The Data Leaks Contract, GTA players get another chance to earn millions of GTA dollars as bounty hunters before the upcoming Summer Update.

Bottom Dollar Bounties Update
Take the mission of capturing wrongdoers to claim rewards.

Story Of Bottom Dollar Bounties

According to the new teaser of the next GTA Online Weekly Update: Bottom Dollar Bounties, Maude Eccles is hunting for the head of the wrongdoing Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement. This update allows players to play on her Cop side to face Crooks in that enforcement.

Gta Online
Work with Maude Eccles' sister to hunt for crooks.

In this update, you will work with Jenette - Maude's sister - to drag in and capture wrongdoers around San Andreas to claim bounties. After clearing streets, you will receive lots of GTA dollars and XP as rewards. We also expect to get double GTA$ and XP from this mission in the next weekly update.

Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement Location

According to the X user @GTA GFX, the location of Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement is moved to the building opposite the Mission Row Police Station.

Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement
This is the new location of the Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement in GTA Online's new update.

From the teaser video, we can also expect many new cop cars to drive in the new update, including:

  • Bravado Dorado
  • Declasse Impaler SZ
  • Bravado Greenwood

In addition to these leaked vehicles in the mission of clearing streets in the Southern San Andreas, GTA Online players can experience many new Law Enforcement Vehicles by taking up Dispatch Work for LSPD Officer Vincent Effenburger in the next Weekly Update.

Gta Online Bottom Dollar Bounties Update
Take a role in the Cop side to clear all manner of reprobate scum.

These are stories and leaks about the upcoming GTA Online: Bottom Dollar Bounties Weekly Update. Stay tuned for further details and missions in Bottom Dollar Bounties when it's out on

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