You have a great chance to earn double GTA$ and RP by helping Dr. Dre solve the case of 'The Data Leaks' now. Check out how to make this easy money in GTA Online's The Contract’s Finale here. This is a time-limited contract valid from June 13th to 19th, 2024

The Data Leaks
Complete The Data Leaks Case to get a great bonus.

The Data Leaks Missions

During this weekly update, GTA Online players can earn up to GTA$ 2 million by completing a set of missions in Dr. Dre's The Data Leaks. Complete the following missions to finish this contract with Dr. Dre for double GTA money and RP.

  • On Course
  • Setup: Data Recovery
  • The Data Leaks (Nightlife Leak, High Society Leak, and South Central Leak)
  • Studio Time
  • Finale

This contract can make you become a millionaire after finishing it. But you must invest in it by purchasing the GTA Online Agency to unlock the mission set.

Help Dr Dre Retrieve His Phones Copies
Help Dr.Dre Retrieve His Phones Copies.

How To Complete The Data Leaks

When you get GTA Online Agency, it's time to complete this GTA$ 2 million VIP contract within the weekly update. First, you must complete Security Contract missions after purchasing GTA Online Agency. Open your in-game phone and select Quick Join > Contact Missions > Short Trip to unlock the 'The Data Leaks' case.

Step-by-step to finish The Data Leaks

You can access this VIP contract from your Agency's office. Then, Franklin will contact you to discuss Dr. Dre, the VIP client with a VIP contract. He will make an appointment at the golf course with this client. Then, follow these steps to complete this mission series.

  1. Go to the golf course to meet the client.
  2. Complete the first mission titled 'On Course' by intimidating and fighting some golfers.
  3. Wait for Franklin's phone call.
  4. Head to your Agency to get the task of sneaking into the FIB building to steal data about the location of Dr. Dre's stolen cellphone.
  5. Track down three copies of the stolen phones in the following locations:
    • At a party in The Diamond Casino & Resort;
    • After shooting down the billionaire either in Lago Zancudo or in his private yacht offshore Fort Zancudo;
    • Kill the Vagos leader in Rancho.
  6. After retrieving three copies of Dre's phones, drive back to your Agency.
  7. Then, drive Dre's black car to the Studio, fight off all enemies outside the building, and enter the studio.
  8. Go to find Johnny in the Railway Station, defeat gunmen there, and head to Los Santos International Airport to stop Johny from getting on a plane to escape. Next, knock down Johnny in the Hangar. Drag the incapacitated Johnny outside to see Dr. Dre.

Watch the ending scene and claim rewards after the quest finishes. After the case is completed, you will get the money.

Search For The Phones Copies
Search for the Phone's copies and capture Johnny

The Data Leaks Rewards

This VIP contract gives you GTA$ 1,000,000. Besides, you also get a bonus of GTA$ 100,000 for completing the contract during the GTA Online Weekly Update period. Don't miss this great chance to get millions of GTA dollars before the GTA Online Summer Update 2024.

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Meet The Client At The Golf Course
This case has a great output.

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