Rockstar Games has finally announced the upcoming GTA Online update in a Newswire post titled “Coming This Summer: A New Brand of Vigilante Justice.” The title hints at the new missions, where you'll be running your own bail enforcement and bounty hunting business.

“Get behind the wheel of your souped-up Cruiser and conduct a range of off-the-books enforcement activities across Los Santos,” according to Rockstars. This means you would be carrying out some clandestine Dispatch Work for Vincent Effenburger.

New vehicles

As usual, new vehicles will be available for purchase. Although no other cars have been confirmed, Rockstar has reiterated that the previously announced Överflöd Pipistrello supercar will be free for all GTA+ Members on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Gta Online New Vehicles 2


Gta Online New Vehicles
As usual, new vehicles will be available for purchase.

This will occur on the day the summer update is released. Moreover, Rockstar has declared that non-members will have to wait an additional week before they can purchase the car. Below is a brand-new screenshot of the vehicle.

Creator additions

As anticipated, Rockstar will introduce Drift Races and Drag Races to the creator mode, allowing fans to design their own events. Additionally, new props and units will be available for all tracks, including features like "drivers doing donuts, bouncing lowriders, crowd animations, and more," according to the post.

Enhancements are also being made to the creation tools for deathmatches, races, and more. To streamline race creation, Rockstar will now let you launch tests from any chosen checkpoint and include the option to run multiple rounds in Drag Races before declaring a winner, along with several other improvements.

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Game balance changes

Rockstar has also revealed adjustments to the game's economy and gameplay balance. These changes are expected to be well-received by GTA Online players.

Gta Online Summer Update
Rockstar has also revealed adjustments to the game's economy and gameplay balance.

Like previous updates, Rockstar is enhancing ways to earn money in the game. For instance, they are extending the timer for Sell Missions, making it easier for solo players to complete Biker and Gunrunning sales. Further, payouts for certain modes will be increased, including Open Wheel Races, Taxi Work, Operation Paper Trail, and more.

All snacks will now automatically replenish when starting most missions, ensuring you can regenerate health even if you forgot to stock up on Sprunk. Also, the studio has informed upgrades to the defensive and armor capabilities of the Sparrow and Bombushka. Rockstar also hints at more improvements coming soon.

GTA Online Summer update release date

Although Rockstar Games has shared lots of information, they still haven't provided an exact release date. However, we know that the update will arrive this month based on the developer’s previous leaks.

At last, Rockstar has officially launched their WhatsApp channel. Follow it here.