It goes without saying that GTA 5 and GTA Online are susceptible to bugs. Rockstar Games' leading titles, such as Red Dead Redemption and GTA, often showcase peculiar glitches and bugs, though the majority of significant issues are usually addressed through patches. The expansive nature of open-world games often leads to bugs, as the vast scale can pose challenges in identifying and resolving every issue. This trend isn't unique to Rockstar; Bethesda games are similarly infamous for their abundance of strange bugs, particularly upon release.

During a solo Blackjack session at the Diamond Casino and Resort in GTA Online, AntTalexanderTarnold, a GTA Online player, encountered a peculiar glitch. In a short video clip, the NPC dealer dealt the player a starting hand of fifteen and placed a 3 in front of herself. However, just as the player was about to make a decision, the dealer abruptly lost interest, turning away from the table and assuming an idle stance. Moments later, she inexplicably hovered above the ground for a brief moment before disappearing altogether.

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This incident proved to be quite unfortunate for the player, as they had to exit the game entirely since they were unable to proceed without the dealer present. Consequently, they lost their chips as a result. The glitch with the casino dealer remains unexplained, although it's not an isolated case. Similar occurrences have been reported in the past, with dealers either casually abandoning games or being unexpectedly propelled away as if struck by a vehicle.

GTA Online players wasted no time in lightening the mood, humorously suggesting that the disappearing dealer might have fled to evade letting the player win. Some even entertained the idea of extraterrestrial involvement, speculating that she could have been abducted by aliens and might resurface on Mount Chilliad later. While the incident makes for amusing viewing, it undoubtedly carries a tinge of frustration for those experiencing it firsthand. The true cause of this bug remains elusive, as the player didn't undertake any significant actions before its occurrence, aside from adjusting the camera perspective a few times.

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The glitch with the casino dealer remains unexplained, although it's not an isolated case.

As anticipation builds for GTA 6 among fans, there's a natural curiosity about the potential issues the game might encounter. It's possible that quirky bugs similar to this one could emerge, but hopefully, the launch will be smoother than the problematic release of GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition remaster. That remaster arrived with a slew of bugs and graphical issues, leaving much to be desired for fans.

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