GTA Online has just received a new content drop for Los Santos Drug Wars on Feb 26. Amongst them, the Stash House daily event is probably the most time-consuming, as players have to find all 25 of them. These are an expansion of Gerald's missions, but they take place in free-roam.

In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete list of 25 stash house spots in GTA Online so that players can collect their daily supplies and rewards.

GTA Online Gerald's Stash House Locations

The Stash House Daily event will spawn in random locations frequently - they will be marked on the map as purple houses with a target icon on top. Every day Gerald will text you their spot and ask you to raid for cash.

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All Stash House locations on the Grand Theft Auto Online map
  1. Paleto Bay - Near Pyrite Avenue
  2. Vinewood - Near Las Lagunas Boulevard
  3. Vinewood - Between Alta Street and Power Street
  4. Mirror Park - Near West Mirror Drive
  5. Vespucci - Between Vitus Street and Cortes Street
  6. Little Seoul - Near Vespucci Boulevard
  7. Strawberry - Between Strawberry Avenue and Innocence Boulevard
  8. Chumash - Between Great Ocean Highway and Barbareno Road
  9. Gear Chaparral - Near Baytree Canyon Road
  10. Great Chaparral - Near Senora Freeway
  11. Sandy Shores - Between Armadillo Avenue and Niland Avenue
  12. Sandy Shores - Near Joshua Road
  13. Tongva Valley - Near Route 68
  14. Harmony - Near Route 68
  15. Grand Senora Desert - Near Cat-Claw Avenue
  16. Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness - Near Great Ocean Highway
  17. Grapeseed - Near Union Road
  18. North bank of the Alamo Sea - Near North Calafia Way
  19. Grapeseed - Between Union Road and Senora Freeway
  20. Morningwood - Near Dorset Drive
  21. West Vinewood - Near Eclipse Boulevard
  22. East Los Santos - Near El Rancho Boulevard
  23. La Puerta - Between Mutiny Road and South Arsenal Street
  24. South Los Santos - Near Dutch London Street
  25. East Los Santos - Near Orchardville Avenue

How to complete Stash House missions?

After receiving the text, just open the map and place a waypoint towards the Stash House. Once you reach it, just enter and kill the gang member inside.

Opening the safe to get its content.

Afterward, locate the unlock code for the locker inside the house - it should be written somewhere inside the premises. Unlock the safe, collect the item, and prepare for a fight outside the house.

Enemies NPCs in vehicles will attack you as soon as you come out - it is faster to just run away instead of fighting. After escaping from these NPCs the Stash House daily event would be complete.

Gerald will then text you and deliver the collected items to one of the businesses you own (either biker business supplies, or nightclub supplies). Furthermore, you will also receive a $500 reward for completing the event. In case you do not own any companies, GTA Online will instead reward you with $30,000 in-game money.

  • Successfully rob a Daily Stash House to receive the Camo Roses Slab Cap.
  • Exfiltrate from Daily Stash Houses for five days total to receive the Purple X-Ray Emissive mask.
  • Collect from a Daily Stash House on 10 different days to receive the Red SC Dragon Revere Collar shirt.

There is also an award for completing a number of them: "Stashes to Stashes". Players need to raid and steal from 5 stash houses to unlock it.

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