Hang Ten GTA 5 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V that is done solely by Trevor Philips, although Michael De Santa does make a cameo toward the end. Today, we will be looking at the setting of this mission and how you can get the Gold Medal on it. Do note, though, that this is an extremely short mission whose only purpose is to find a new place for Trevor to live. And of course, being the guy that he is, Trevor will pick a strip club in the area to be his new home.

Hang Ten Gta 5 Cover
Let's see how you can get the Gold Medal on Hang Ten!

This mission is unlocked after you’ve completed the Monkey Business mission. A mark will appear on the world map with the letter “T” on it, and you can start it by getting there.

Hang Ten GTA 5 Description

Upon returning to Floyd Hebert’s apartment, Trevor finds Floyd outside and is denied access. He pushes the latter aside anyway and kicks open the door.

Inside, he runs into Floyd's girlfriend Debra, who has just come back from a business trip. Naturally, she is extremely angry at the sudden intrusion, and her rage is only made worse by Trevor’s insults. But as they are all screaming at one another, Trevor seems to have a sudden change of mood, saying that this is all he’s got and begging Floyd and Debra and to accept him. Debra keeps yelling at both Floyd and Trevor, however, trying to kick them out of the apartment. At one point, she says that that "Bob" (who is presumably her lover) was right about Floyd and pulls out a gun from a drawer in the kitchen, prompting Floyd to also pick up a knife. Trevor is mad and comments "You people are not very f**king nice!", and then the camera fades to black.

GTA 5 Mission 55: Hang Ten

He apparently kills both Floyd and Debra off-screen, as when the camera comes to light again, we see him staggering out of the apartment looking distressed with blood all over his shirt. Wade appears at that moment and tries to go inside to meet Floyd, but Trevor stops him and instead tells Wade to get on his vehicle. The two then drive to the Vanilla Unicorn, and on the way, Trevor explains to Wade that Floyd and his girlfriend have "disappeared" and are unlikely to return.

Gta Ten
Trevor exiting the apartment with blood all over his shirt

When they get to their destination, Trevor gets several strippers to entertain Wade, while he himself goes to the office to meet Leon, the manager of the club.  There, he tells the man to "prepare to meet his new partner", and then closes the door. As you can probably guess, he kills the club manager off-screen as well.

You will now be switched to Michael De Santa, who at that moment is in his mansion talking to Lester Crest over the phone. Lester informs Michael that Trevor is now in control of the Vanilla Unicorn, and Michael agrees to head over there to discuss their next mission.

Hang Ten GTA 5 Guide & Gold Medal Objective

As mentioned, this is an extremely short and straightforward mission and there isn’t really “guide” to speak off here. Thus, we’ll cover both what you have to do and how to get the Gold Medal in one go.

So, all you have to do to complete Hang Ten GTA 5 is get Wade to the strip club safely, which couldn’t be easier. Just stick to the GPS on the minimap and you should be absolutely fine. That said, you can still fail this mission if you get Wasted/Busted, or if Wade is somehow killed.

Gta 5 Mission 55
All you have to do for this mission is to get Wade to the strip club safely

Another interesting part is that if you take long enough to drive there, Wade and Trevor will start talking and you’ll get to hear more about Wade's past.

As for the Gold Medal objectives, there’s only one: Finish the mission in less than 4 minutes. This, again, is a piece of cake. Just skip all the cutscenes, that’s it!

And that is it for Hang Ten GTA 5. For more Grand Theft Auto-related content, stay tuned to Gurugamer!