Do you want to know what Game of Thrones will look like in space? Check out this latest sci-fi strategy game, Star Dynasties, from Iceberg Interactive and Pawley Game. You will have to manage your space empire, deal with politicians and all the drama in this game of power to maintain the dominance of your family. You can check out the video below to know more about the details of Star Dynasties.

Star Dynasties is set in the future, after the destruction of the earth. In the 22nd century, humanity starts colonizing the galaxy and build facilities for further colonization. And then the disaster happens, forcing all humans to evacuate into space. But the outer space is not as gentle as the earth. There are limited resources, most of the technologies are lost, and wars happen everywhere. All are trying to survive even if at the cost of other people's life.

A few hundred years later, the survivors have stabilized and formed a simple feudal society. Political houses rule over the colonies around them and create different factions. Several factions even group up together and form a league that is led by the strongest faction.

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After the destruction of the earth and hundreds of years of wars and chaos, humanity is now living under a feudal system

You will play the game as the leader of a faction. Star Dynasties is a turn-based game. Each turn represents 6 months and you will have a set amount of actions. After you take political and personal actions, hundreds of other characters in the game will take their response and you will get to see the consequences of your turn.

Star Dynasties is more about managing the relationship among characters than managing the empire. Characters in the game are procedurally generated to have unique personalities, opinions, goals, and relationships and they will respond accordingly to all of your choices. For example, someone in your house comes to you and asks for a promotion. If you turn them down, they might revenge you by revealing your secrets or blackmail you. Sometimes, there is nothing you can do to keep things down and all you can do is trying to minimize the damage.

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Sometimes peace is not a viable option and all you do is just to go with the situation

Your characters will grow like a normal person in real-life. You build a relationship with other leaders, people. You expand your territory. You marry, get children, grow old and eventually die through old age or foul play. When your heir takes over, you will continue playing the game as that heir. Basically, you get to keep your empire. But as the new heir, you are going to have to build relationships with other people around all over again. Or you can just take another approach by turning down everyone and faces different challenges.

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You can make a family, grow old, and eventually die, leaving the empire to the next heir

Unlike empire management strategy games such as Civilization, Star Dynasties tackle the personal life of the rulers and their relationship with other kingdoms or empires. Would you make wars with another ruler, knowing that they are doing shady things behinds your back? Or you prefer to keep the peace and turn a blind eye. The developer expects the game to be appealing to both players who like empire management games and players who like narratives of human dramas and feudal politics.

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Star Dynasties focus more on realistic problems of a ruler such as political and personal relationship

Star Dynasties is going to be released for PC (Steam) in early 2021.