What is better than cute little anime girls? Cute little anime girls with swords and guns. And that is what Orangeblood all about. You can check out the trailer of Orange Blood below.

Orangeblood is an RPG game from the Japanese studio Grayfax Software. The game is set in an alternate world at the end of the 20th century. You will be taking control of 4 cute little soldiers on an artificial island near Okinawa coast called New Koza. Apart from their cuteness, these girls are also the most badass one here. They are the only ones who are capable of fighting against evil gangsters and deadly robots that are terrorizing the island.

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The game is set in an artificial island called New Koza

You will start with Vanilla, a prisoner who can escape prison by finishing a secret mission. Throughout her journey, she will make more friends and find companies to help her along the way.

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Fight evil robots and save the town

As a turn-based RPG, the control of the game is fairly simple. What you actually need to care more about is finding strong equipment for your girls. Weapons and armors are spawned randomly on the island for you to loot. If you are lucky, you will even be able to get legendary gears that will grant your characters unique abilities.  Along your way of destroying fearsome monsters and robots, you can stop by at a vending machine to refresh your team's health and mana before heading to another battle.

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Your first character will be Vanilla or the Gunslinger

The game features hip hop soundtracks along with a pixelated art style and sprite characters that perfectly match together.

Orangeblood is going to be released for PC through Steam on January 14 next year. The versions for PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One will be released later in Q2 2020.