Epic Games’ famous Battle Royale has undergone some updates and its latest update has somewhat altered the way that some players approach the early game. In the previous updates, it is normal to see Ninja and his teammates landed on crowded landing-destination, which usually followed by the chaos of multiple squads engaging one another.

Retail Row – a famous area on the Battle Royale map – where Ninja used to land is now considered by Ninja as one of those worst spots to land. After landing on Retail Row, Ninja’s squad was quickly overpowered and eventually eliminated from enemies approaching from all sides.

Ninja Lists Worst Places To Land Infortnite

The Twitch Star finally gave his opinion about the Retail Row landing site after the famous siphon-on-kill mechanic was removed from the game. He stated that the only time that Retail Row was a decent spot to land was the time when siphon-on-kill was still available in Fortnite.

He also further recommended other players not landing on the place at the beginning of the match. Pleasant Park and Tilted Towers also make it into Ninja’s list of the worst places to land.

Ninja Fortnite1

Ninja also had a proper explanation for how he believed that way for those places, he pointed out the unequal amount of in-game resources that a player could loot from his landing spot to other players who land there, which could instantly create chaos. Moreover, the removal of siphon-on-kill has made it hard to have a good shot of survival, and in order to do so, players have to loot many healings items, and the aforementioned disproportion only made it worst.

It has been a glorious day for those aforementioned landing points, and those points have been a big part of Fortnite’s history. However, it would most likely that Ninja’s would ever land there again. That could also be said for those players who are looking forward to obtaining a Victory Royale.