Yes, we all have been there and witnessed the pathway of Apex Legends. Starting from a surprise release on February 4th, the battle royale FPS game by Respawn Entertainment quickly became a hot hit for the gaming community all over the world. Apex Legends is now sitting on more than 50 million players and it has broken some records on Fortnite – its main opponent.

But the success of Apex Legends would never be this huge without its publisher: EA. It was EA’s clever and on point marketing strategy that helped this game skyrocket. This is not something new. But how expensive the marketing campaign for Apex Legends was, that is a topic to discuss about.

And just a few hours ago, an unknown source disclosed with Reuters that 2018 most famous Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins was paid about 1 million USD to stream and tweet about Apex Legends in its early days.

Report Says Ea Payed Ninja A Hefty 1 Million To Pr
Apparently Ninja just walked away with $1M from EA's pocket

Ninja started streaming Apex Legends on February 5th. He was paid around $1M for his streaming the game and some sponsored tweets in his official Twitter account. Ninja was straightforward to admit he was being sponsored by EA at that time, but he refused to disclose the actual value of the contract. It is quite hard to tell exactly what tweets by Ninja are sponsored tweets, but we believe that the below tweet was the first EA sponsored tweet by Ninja.

Screenshot 4

The source also revealed that another famous streamer also received sponsorship from EA to stream Apex Legends in the few first days of the game. Of course, we don’t know for sure how much did Shroud get from EA, but this is truly a good decision of this streamer. Shroud just got himself the 100.000 subscribers milestone on Twitch, which mainly because of his Apex Legends streaming.

Shroud Apex Legends Uses Door To Wipe Entire Team
Michael “shroud” Grzesiek and Apex Legends are seemingly born for each other

Ninja’s sponsorship contract with EA is seemingly over. Ninja has only streamed Apex Legends twice since February 22nd, while he has returned to Fortnite streaming for most of his time.