Usually, with building simulation games, players will have to be always mindful of the budgets and resources. However, Hexa Trains allows you to use every rupee on this Earth as your budget to build the whole transportation network.

The developer Abraham Stolk is very excited to release their railroad simulator - Hexa Trains. Here's the trailer of this indie game, which you can have a look:

The concept of Hexa Trains

Every civilization needs transportation. If people can deliver the goods to the place in need, people would die hungry, thirsty or homeless. There will be no buildings, no inventions, no nothing. Hexa Trains has taken exactly this concept, requires you to craft the road for one of the handiest transportation means - trains.

The title of this game has portrayed its concept. The whole Earth is made of hexagonal pads, on which are many strategic economic locations. However, it doesn't have any railroads for the choo-choo vehicles yet, so you'll have to start building them to maintain human civilization running.

Hexa Trains Build Your Interstellar Rairoads To Co
The earth is formed of hexagonal pads, waiting for you to connect all of them

Its gameplay is very simple and chilling, as you only have to lie back, mark the locations and start connecting them with railroads. To be more specific, you can hook up a road from mines to smelters to deliver ore, or from fields to bakeries to make some bread and cakes, and many more.

Hexa Trains Build Your Interstellar Rairoads To Co
There will be a chart on the top-right corner to help you keep track of how the world's economy is going

Build without caring about budgets

Unfortunately, the people living in this hex-Earth sucks at resource planning, so you'll have to cover half of the Earth just to deliver some buckwheat. To make the story worse, in Hexa Trains you'll also have to avoid laying your trails on clusters of mines.

And as I've mentioned, there are neither budget nor resources in this game, so you don't have to care about managing anything. In fact, you'll play from the god's perspective, and you can facilitate every kind of resource on Earth to help you build your railroads. In this game, you're taking care of the world's economy, so there should be no restrictions.

Hexa Trains Build Your Interstellar Rairoads To Co
You can freely build your own snaky railroads, as long as it works!

Building train connections to the moon is very far from reality, but it's what you will do with Hexa Train. The moon has a special resource called the lunar crystal, so you must build transporting paths from the Earth to its Moon to serve the manufacturing progress.

Hexa Trains Build Your Interstellar Rairoads To Co
Connect space stations on the Moon with the Earth to collect Lunar Crystals

To cut the long story short, Hexa Trains is a quirky simulator which you will enjoy if you're really into trains and branching railroads freely on your own will.

Hexa Trains has already come out for PC through Steam, and the developer is running a 40% discount on Steam, which cut the game's price down to $10.19 from $16.99. This event will end on October 15, and you should be quick to save a whole bunch of $6 for other games.

Hexa Trains Build Your Interstellar Rairoads To Co
The game is under 60% sale now!